Well heres part two of Egyptian momento. It's about two months later. Marco and King Mu have been hanging out whenever Eli waved him away. Everything will most likely pop up randomly. Plus, Marco's english has returned to normal.

Summary of chapter: After spending a few months in the city, Marco is caught between his loyalty and love for Eli and his new developing feelings for King Mu.

"Eli, do you want to go for a walk with me and Ra?" Marco asked. Eli waved him off and payed more attention to the female dancers. "Don't you have someone else to bother? Go bother Shamu and Akin." Marco shrugged then went to the Palace gardens where Shamu and Akin were playing checkers. "Ah, young friend. Watch as I beat him once and for all!"

"False advertising dear Shamu."

"He doesn't care, so what brings you here?"

"I was wondering if you'd like to take a walk with Me and Ra."

"I promise I will later. Right now, I have to focus on beating this cheater."

Marco gigled. "It's ok. I'm just going into town to buy some stuff and play by the river." "Ok. Be careful."

"Thank you." Marco thanked, as the woman handed him a piece of meat. "Here you go Ra." He said as he gave him a piece. Everywhere they've went, Marco was buying stuff. "I should save the rest of the money for later. Lets go to the river, or do you want to to go to the park? I don't mind." Ra barked. "River it is." as soon as he said that, Ra bolted and ran towards the river. 'I wish I had my camera. It's so pretty here and I haven't taken any pictures since I've gotten here." Marco thought. He waved to a group of children as they played a game related to hopscotch. 'I wonder if I should get something for Mu? Maybe I'll bake something...'

"Fetch Ra!" Marco shouted as he threw the stick. Ra ran barking after it. "Good boy Ra. Fetch!"

"I see you're enjoying yourself by the riverside."

Marco's heart leaped into his throat as he yelped. "I didn't mean to frighten you." King Mu said as he held up his arms apologetically. "No, it's ok. I just didn't see you there. So what brings you to the River?" Marco asked as he resumed the game of fetch with Ra. "Well I got tired of sitting in the palace and doing nothing. I saw you and thought that I would take a walk with you." Marco smiled. "Thanks, I've been looking for someone to walk with me all day!"

"Hey get up!"

Marcus and Manda groaned. "What do you want Gregory?"

"What about the plan? We're in the city, they trust us, we can just get out of here right under their noses!"

"You fool! Have you realized that the only way we can get in and out of here is with that brat?!"

"Why don't we just take the amulet?" Marcus growled at his brother. "Because, 1, he's heavily guarded. 2 he's always with the King, and 3, the amulet won't come off!"

"I have a better idea." Eli said. Manda rolled her eyes. "Now you decide to speak up." Eli smacked her. Marcus and Gregory didn''t make a move to help her, afraid of what their leader might do. "So what's the plan boss?" Marcus asked. Gregory pushed passed his brother and glared at Eli. "What makes you think we're gonna continue doing all the dirty work while you prance around with that pansy, spending OUR money?!" he snarled. "Because, nitwit, I have the money. Don't forget who you work for, and who is thinking up the plans here! If it weren't for me hiring you idiots, you'd still be shoveling shit at the circus!" Gregory was silent but still held his glare. "Good, so as I was saying, have you guys noticed how the King stays the same while everyone else ages? Well if we over throw him when he's weak, we can take the throne for ourselves and use the army to take over the world in our time. We will not only rule over the Gods, but every single puny person on this planet!" Eli smirked at the triplets as he continued. "And we'll do it using Marco of course. He's the only one who can get in and out of here. We've used his looks for everything else unsuspecting, and this will be the biggest thing we've done since Paris! And as soon as we accomplish this, you three can do whatever you want with him and the others, especially that stupid dog." The three began to cheer, forgetting about their anger that was directed at Eli.

"And the cat says, 'It's a cute-pon!'." Marco and King Mu laugh at the joke. "Marco, where have you been all my life? I mean, you are so charming, so kind, and very funny. You're also very cute. Please tell me why Eli?"

"I told you, Eli has always been there for me. I can't just end it all like that." Marco replied as he stared down at the sand. "But he isn't nice to you and always makes you cry. I would never do that to you. At least take it into consideration." King Mu asked as he rested his forehead on Marco's, staring into his green eyes with his orange ones. "I promise I will. I do like you alot. It's just..." "Eli... I understand... Well, we should be heading back. You can see tthe sunset better from my room." Mu stood up and held his arm out for Marco. Marco smiled as he took it. "Yeah."

The two of them spent most of their day shopping until the sun was completely gone. When they got back to the palace, the guards were surprised to see their King laughing and smiling. "We were worried, you've been gone all day!" the high priest said. "It's ok. I was just by the river today. Wanted to get out of the palace." he nodded and let King Mu pass. Before Marco followed, he gave the Priest and the two guards some candy. "You've been working hard, you deserve something." he said, then caught up with King Mu. The two of them ended up in front of Marco's door. "I guess I'll see you later for dinner then?" Mu said as he stared at Marco. "Y-yup." Ra suddenly shot past them and into the room, bumping Marco on his way in. The bump ended up making Marco and the Pharoh kiss. Marco couldn't keep his eyes open. The kiss was so nice, so good. He quickly melted into it, a small moan escaping his throat and into the kiss. Ever since he and Eli got together, he always saved his first kiss and first time for him but never got it. But with King Mu, it was bliss. His heart pounded in his chest. Sadly, the kiss only lasted a few seconds. "You ok?" Marco nodded, being at a lost for words. He then stepped back and slipped into his room. "So, I'll see you later?" Marco nodded and gently closed his door. As soon as it was closed, he glared at Ra who ly sleeping on his bed.

At dinner, Marco couldn't look at Eli or King Mu in eye and jumped whenever Eli asked him something. "What the hell is wrong with you?! You jumpin like theres fucking ants in your pants!" Marco blushed. "S-sorry." Eli shook his head. "So weird he mumbled, but I still love ya." Marco smiled. "Exuse me." he said as he stood up and walked away. His tears spilled out as he watched Eli shrug his shoulders. He hid in the hallway and cried. "Friend, what is the matter?" Shamu asked as he and Akin spotted the young male. "It's nothing." He choked out. The truth was, he was confused. He was sure that he was in love with Eli but King Mu was so nice to him and payed attention to him. Who wouldn't cry? "Are you sure you're alright? If you need anything, talk to me or Shamu. We're here for you." Akin said. Marco shook his head. "You be there for each other." Akin blushed and glanced at Shamu. "Just let us know when you need anything.

The next morning, while watching the sun rise, Marco and Mu stood away from eachother. "I'm sorry if it was terrible, I've never been with anyone." Mu apologized with a blush. "It was my first kiss too." Marco whispered, a blush also on his face. "What am I going to do?" he asked, a sob making it's way to his throat. Mu looked at him. "What am I going to do? I'm so confused. I think I'm falling in love with you, but it can't be true because I'm with Eli." he cried. Mu hugged him and shed some tears of his own. He hated seeing Marco this sad. "It's ok Marco. Please don't cry. I'll wait as long as you want. I promise. If you stay with Eli, I'll understand." Marco's sobbing lessoned a little. "Please stop caring so much, you're making it harder to choose." he said. King Mu smiled. "I can't help it."

Yes, I am so sorry that it's so short. I ran out of ideas and couldn't think of anything else. I just hate hurting Marco but his tears fuel the story, he won't be sad for long, well, Hasta Luego!