His eyes quickly rose towards the tangerine sky that was streaked with purple clouds. He widely smiled at the simple beauty, running his fingers through the thick green grass. He breathed in deeply; unable to remove the smile from his face.

His fingers brushed over a small red flower and captivated by its magnificence he plucked it from the ground, its steam snapped cleanly and a drop of bitter smelling liquid welled from the wound and dripped out quietly onto a blade of grass before it vanished inside the soil. He caressed the soft petals with his long fingers, savouring the cool alien feel against his coarse skin. Gently he turned the flower over and over, each revolution bringing a new sense of awe as he discovered something more magical.

He could not stop the childlike giggle spilling from his lips; the near hysteric feeling of happiness was bursting forth with such force. He smiled and lay down with his eyes closed on the cold grass, letting the damp sensation cool his back while the two yellow suns began to warm his face and neck. The wind skipped over the trees and slowly danced through the field, bringing with its force the smell of rose and honey.

However the moment of stillness was lost as the wind grew stronger and pulled with it the stench of toxins the man was so very used to.

He sat up, the sensation on his back becoming uncomfortably wet and looked down the steep hill. At first he fought against looking but his vision was slowly dragged back to the ugly metallic city sprawling out, like a growth on the face of the planet.

Thick streams of charcoal black and steel grey spewed from tall grime covered chimneys and the vehicles could be seen crawling hurriedly along the scabs that resembled roads.

The area below the hill was desolate putrid yellow wasteland, with sickly black shrubs extending their skeletal branches in a pathetic attempt to grasp onto life.

Absentmindedly he began to stroke the silken petals once again as the barrier separating the two worlds buzzed loudly and shimmered blue as a bird pecked at it, squawked, and flew away.

The barrier quietened and became invisible once again, and the man sighed feeling more isolated than he had ever felt. The thought back to the sullied flat called home and squeezed his eyes shut tight, in an attempt to force the dingy dank image from his brain.

He opened his eyes and stared at the wide never ending field around him. Breathing in the fresh air had made him believe in the world once again; life was worth living.

He remembered taking his first trembling steps from the damp tunnel into the warm sunlight, his eyes cast down against the yellow glare and breathing for the first time; the way the field of rich green grass felt softer than any bed he had slept on; the blueness of the sky was astounding and the ways in which the tone and shade all changed as he beautiful orb of light shifted.

"It's glorious outside."

The grey watch on his arm beeped with harsh synthetic sounds, he looked down and with a pained expression looked back once more over the picturesque landscape. He knew he could come back soon to see the amazing place, see it at night, when it was like stepping into a third unknown world.

Quickly he slipped the rubber gas mask back over his face and began his awkward decent down the steep hill and back towards his hideous home.