The girl sat on the bed. Sirens screamed around her, the clatter of people running around as they went to fetch this and that from here and there. Bright neon vests flashes across her vision every second, as a new person arrived on the scene to help. The green grass was trodden down to brown mushy patches from people racing across, wheeling heavy medical equipment, dragging boxes, feet moving, stamp, stamp, stamp; it was utter chaos.

The rubber gloved hand patted her back, forcing another heaving cough from the girl. She choked up pale yellow coloured phlegm into a grey bag. She let out a gurgling noise as she forced more of the thick sticky liquid from her mouth. The women rubbed her back gently with her red rubber hand and smiled behind the plastic of her hazmat suit; the clear material distorted her face making her look inhuman and deformed.

The small girl pushed her blonde fringe out of her eyes and coughed again, tasting the salty mucus left in her gullet. She breathed deeply; her airways clear again, and sat back on the bed, rattling it slightly as she thumped down onto the pillow.

The girl looked at the blue sky, it too was distorted by the plastic quarantine sheet that surrounded the girl, keeping her disease separate from all those around her. She shut her eyes and twisted the mood-ring on her thumb, a habit that had now become a comfort to the girl.

"We're going to move you now."

She refused to open her eyes to the voice.

"Rin, honey, we're going to move you now." A rubber hand shook her shoulder.

Yet the girl still did not open her eyes, hoping the woman would go away if she stayed silent.

The girl listened as she heard the plastic sheet being unzipped so the woman could leave; she heard the muffled cry of birds. Time ticked on, the sound of those around her became normal, when she heard the plastic being unzipped again, and what sounded like four people stepping into the small quarantine area.

"She hasn't opened her eyes," A female voice stated, even though it was muffled there was unmistakeable fear in it.

"Don't worry, this isn't the time to be hysterical," A male voice responded. Rin was aware of the man walking around the bed, where stopped by her shoulder and bent down.

"Rin this isn't the time to be playing dead, wake up."

Rin kept her eyes peacefully shut, in a mock at their work, but sadly she could not keep the smile from her face.

"Good you are alive; move her now."

The girl sighed and opened her eyes, her vision tinted blue she watched as the people doubled pace all around her, like ants working to collect food.

The bed jolted as the brakes were kicked off and Rin bounced slightly as the bed was wheeled onto the back of the ambulance. The blue sky and green forest was shut off from her view as the doors of the vehicle where shut, sealing her in a painfully white box.

She looked down at her left arm, stabbed full of wires, all supposedly keeping her alive. She looked at the heart monitor the screen calm with the rhythmic beats of her heart. The harsh lighting in the back of the ambulance was beginning to hurt her eyes, she breathed out loudly and shut her eyes, hoping to dream this scenario away and awake to a much nicer world.

The melodic humming of the engine stopped and the doors opened with a hiss letting cold air rush to greet the half asleep Rin. Both figures in red began to move all of the electronics, unhooking Rin from specific machines and then with another jolt began to wheel her out and into the new chaos formed outside the specialist hospital.

Another red suit walked over to her, he bent down and smiled at the girl; everyone smiled at her, as though she was in need of comfort. He muffled something about being moved to her room now, but her mind began to wander on other things of importance.

The ensemble moved through the huge double doors of the grey structure, like a virus they moved through the white inside of the hospital quickly to find their destination. Rin watched the lights overhead, a simple flash as each passed quickly above her, the wheels of her bed clacked and clattered loudly as she swung around a corridor. The ceiling changed from eggshell white to pale blue as they moved to the next ward. Her eyes darted to the view in front of her all the red figures running slightly ahead of her bed, the walls jerking as something on them flicked past her view. Then headed through another set of doors; Rin could not even count how many corners they had turned, she just hoped wherever they would put her would have internet and a place she could charge her IPod.

Finally the rushing slowed, the air seemed less thick and people were smiling, the tension in their faces lessened considerably. The group finally wheeled the girl into a huge white room, where a single bed sat in the far left corner and a single white chair nearby, both untouched and painfully alone in the mass of white. However, what was so shocking about the room was the thick plastic box encased the bed and a portion of the surrounding area. Rin's eyes picked up a vent in the top right corner, allowing air to circulate into the cage.

For the first time her heart became to quicken, the heart monitor close by became to screech rapidly with her increasing heart-rate. The doctors around her simultaneously turned to the girl, worried that the stress would trigger her again.

The room feel silently accept for the screeching of the heart monitor and the whirring of all the other machinery in the room.

"You're gonna put me in a cage?" Squealed Rin, her voice was at the height of hysteria; her blood was rushing through her body, allowing her to track where the flow was heading.

A man put his hands on her shoulders in a hopeless effort to comfort the girl. She thrashed against his touch, and yelled loudly for him to back off, which only resulted in his pushing her down firmly onto the bed. She struggled against the restraints on the bed and screamed loudly like a dying animal.

She howled as the moved her closer to the plastic enclose, her monitor screamed too filling the room with more ungodly noise.

The arched her back, the bands around her middle and wrists bit into her skin, but she ignored the pain and struggled wriggling her way between the thick straps. The male red suit pushed down on her harder, keeping her in place, while the other doctors around her had frozen with fear.

Her breathing felt laboured, like someone was pressing a weight on top of her chest. She screamed and raged, thrashing trying to shake the hands off her body; wanting all their dead staring faces to vanish.

One red suit unfroze from his fear and calmly unzipped his medical backpack and pulled out a small syringe of clear liquid. He bent down to face the girl, her eyes huge and wide, full of fear and confusion.

"Calm down please, I don't want to use this on you."

Rin dropped back down onto the bed, her body ached from stretching. Her breath came in rapid heavy gasps, soon the heart monitor began to quieten and everyone relaxed.

"I'm not an animal," she whimpered.

The man gave her a smile behind his mask and nodded. He bent closer and pushed the restraining hands off her chest.

"I know you aren't, but we don't know how much of a threat you pose."

Her eyes narrowed dangerously as the bed clacked over the plastic boundary and into the cage, everyone outside turned into a red blur, losing all visible signs of individuality.

"We'll help you get better, I promise!" The man called back as the door hissed shut forcing the air out, leaving her and two suits in a completely sealed in the room.

A red suit began unstrapping her, while one placed a hand on her shoulder.

"We don't want to hurt you Rin." It was the woman from the park.

Rin stared into the distorted face, able to tell the half formed smile.


Rin knew already what lay ahead for her, and she didn't care for comfort right now. The woman was taken aback by her comment but said nothing.

The man lifted Rin carefully from the bed and handed a white gown to the woman. Rin closed her eyes, not wanting to change in front of so many people, but silently screamed as the woman removed her clothes.

No privacy.

She felt the cold gown fall across her body and she opened her eyes, the woman smiled and pointed to the bed. A knot formed in her stomach, not only would she not be allowed out of this cage, but she was almost sure she wasn't allowed her IPod or laptop.

Rin climbed onto the bed, it too was white like its surroundings. She pulled back the rough blanket and sat on the squishy mattress, when a feeling rose in her nose. A tickling sensation, a sneeze.

Rin looked at the woman and made a squeaking noise, before involuntarily pulling her head up, she could feel the sneeze tickling its way out, but she forced it down.

I instantly the woman held a bag to Rin's face, covering her mouth and nose. Just in time as the sneeze broke through her defence.

Bright Yellow powder flew from her nose, and yellow paste splattered to the bottom of the bag. Seeing the excrement against a white background, Rin realized how utterly disgusting it was.

Rin felt a headache forming in her head, she could feel it behind her right eye, trying to push its way out, and she began to feel sick, as though she had eaten something that didn't agree with her.

The woman gave her a smile, dripping with pity and handed her a white tablet. Rin popped it into her mouth; quickly took the bottle of water from the lady and swallowed the tablet with one sip of water.

The two suits left the room with the bed, the door hissing as they left. Rin watched as all the red blurs disappeared out of the room, leaving her in her plastic cage to sit and do nothing forever.

She lay on the bed, the blanket half falling off. The drips and various wires had been removed, and now Rin lay attached only to a heart monitor. She looked at the black face crossed with lines; it bleeped cheerfully to the pulse of her heart. A small pile of plastic bags lay in the corner waiting to be used.

She stared at the light above her head, and rubbed the ends of her short blonde hair, waiting for the next person to come and probe at the strange disease she carried.

Rin was woken rudely from her sleep by a tap-tap-tap on the plastic door. Rin had not registered the outer door opening or the clack-clack of shoes on the linoleum floor. Her eye lids fluttered open, and the girl was confused for a split second before realization came flooding back.

Her eyes locked onto the blurred figure tapping on the door, she couldn't see much, save for the brown shirt the person wore underneath their lab-coat. The figure made a waving motion and pointed in the direction of the white chair.

Rin shook her head, and slipped off the bed, her bare feet walked across the cold floor to the chair, where she noticed there was a small windowsill built into the wall, where a white phone sat, its wire lead through a small airtight square out of the plastic. Rin moved closer, and she was shocked to see the portion of plastic had been replaced by double glazing. The clarity of the room was astounding and a lovely change from the distorted blur of light she was so used too.

The man stood in front of the glass window and tapped in a number on his mobile phone. The white phone rang loudly, it's sound echoed around the small cage, and though Rin was sure the man could not hear it clearly.

She placed the phone to her ear, "Ah, good it works!" a voice said triumphantly.

Rin scowled at the man and he smiled and laughed, which carried down the phone. The whole sensation was rather odd, seeing someone talk but have the sound come out at a different place.

"My name is Doctor Nye."

Doctor Nye, Rin had to admit was very handsome, his features were chiselled and defined making him look very manly and clever. She hated him straight away.

"Right now, we have done some tests on the residue from your sneezes and the results are rather odd."

His voice was almost too pleasant, like the stereotypical doctor voice, she couldn't bare it. He sounded too commercial to actually be real, this felt like a complete joke to her.

"Cedar Pollen," Rin's voice cut in. Her tone was flat but with a slight edge that dared the doctor to say something stupid. His bright smile fell of his face; he looked as though someone had stolen the punch line to his joke.

"How did you know?"

Rin smiled and shook her head.

"I like trees."

Nye shook his head, as though it would help him gather his thoughts, he pinched the space between his eyes and looked back up at Rin.

"Yes, whenever you sneeze you realise a small amount of cedar pollen into the air. It is incredible, utterly fascinating, but we do understands that the disease has some repercussions on you."

Rin rolled her eyes.

"Headaches and nausea, not something everyone wants to have permanently," he flashed a smile, "But don't worry we are going to help cure you."

He gave her another sympathetic smile, and put his hand on the glass.

"There is one small draw back though."

Rin cocked her head, interested finally at what he was going to say.

"Whatever you have is highly contagious; we did some tests and whatever you have, loves mammal DNA, it binds so strongly to cells it is almost as though the pollen is attracted to people." He laughed nervously.

"Just hang in there, we're going to do a lot of tests today, if you need anything there is a red button above your bed you can press."

Rin turned to look at the bed, and surely enough there was a line of red and black buttons above the bedhead.

"I don't want to lie to you Rin, we don't have anything yet, we will though don't worry. Hang in there, get some rest. Tomorrow we'll talk about getting you some furnishings."

The phone disconnected and Rin could hear the distorted sounds of him clack-clacking away.

She smiled as she placed the phone back on its receiver and walked back to her bed. She slipped under the blanket and closed her eyes, hoping to get a decent amount of sleep.