The Healers

Chapter One

A Day in My Life

"So, how's your therapy going?" Michelle asked. Jane, my twin sister and I had been going to a therapist-slash-child psychologist for a few years. Our foster mom, Linda, made us. Of course, despite our seriously screwed-up childhood, I thought it was unnecessary. Sure, our dad left our mother…for another man almost 10 years ago, and our mom OD'd a few months later, but we've lived with that for a while. I'd always felt like Jane and I were a part of this huge thing, but I couldn't quite remember why. Everything before my 12th birthday was a total blur, and it was the same for Jane. I turned back to Michelle.

"Mish, therapy sucks. It's not even helping me. Like, at all."

"Yeah, sounds like it sucks. I still don't get why Linda makes you go."

Michelle- or Mish, as I called her- was my best friend. And one of my only friends. Jane and I were kind of outcasts because of our screwed-up past, but I was at least open enough to talk to people, unlike my sister. Mish was kind of an outcast, too, though. For one thing, she was the only person alive in 2017 who still went with that hipster style from 5 years ago. And no one ever wanted to hang out with her because her parents were the overbearing type- extremely so. Mish said on more than one occasion that they'd get over it, that they were just mad because she didn't adhere to the super genius Asian stereotype. I, for one, liked that she wasn't a super genius. It made her more genuine.

Mish and I walked through the halls heading to ceramics class, when of course, we came across Craig at his locker. Craig was the school bully, though he was almost inept even at that. Mish and I always passed him at his locker, and he usually made a point of calling us 'geek' and 'ginger' respectively, but today he chose a new victim- my sister. Jane was backed up against the lockers while Craig looked down at her.

"That's right, you're just a puny little pipsqueak," I heard him jeer, "Normally I'd kick your ass, but I'd feel bad about hitting a girl without letting her off with a warning. So get your ass to class, and watch your step next time."

Jane skittered off, probably going to one of her AP classes. I grimaced at the sight. Craig slammed his locker shut and turned to leave, but he'd made the mistake of pissing me off.

"Hey asshole!" I yelled, "Don't threaten my sister!"

"I'll do what I damn well please, and there's nothing you're gonna do to stop me," Craig growled. He cracked his knuckles and stepped towards me.

"Uh, Les, I'll see you in class," Mish scuttled around me and took off down the hall.

Craig roared, throwing a punch. I ducked out, grabbed his arm, and twisted it behind him. He howled in pain. Unsatisfied, I kneed him where it counts. He went to his knees as I let go of his arm.

"And that's why you don't mess with me," I said, grinning.

"Miss Davey!" A voice shrieked. I turned, grimacing.

"Hi, Principal Michaelson."

"Michaelson was not pleased with what she'd witnessed. I sat there all through 5th period, getting lectured on how 'violence isn't the answer' and I 'victimized Craig Neils'."

Linda stared down at me, her dishwater-blonde hair frazzled and fried. "Well, yeah, Principal Michaelson shouldn't be pleased. I'm not thrilled with your behavior either."

"Linda, he almost had Jane stuffed in a locker. What was I supposed to do, just stand there and watch him pick on her?"

"She's not a baby, Leslie. She can pick her own fights."

"She doesn't stand up for herself. Hell, she hardly even speaks."

Linda glared back at me, a chiding look that told me to watch my language. "And you wonder why boys aren't interested. I think if you hadn't cut all your hair off," I fingered the ends of my red hair. I'd cut it just before school started, and now it barely hit my shoulders, "and weren't getting in so much trouble all the time-"

"I think half the population at the school thinks I'm a freak, and the other half thinks I'm a less pretty version of Jane."

"Les, I know you don't want to be identical to her, but there's no need for this rebellious streak."

"It is not a rebellious streak! I-"

Linda's phone rang. "Hello? Yes, sir...Well, no, I…But the girls need…Okay, sir…I understand, sir…Yes, I'll be there as soon as I can," She hung up and turned back to me, "Sorry, Les, I-"

"You have to go to work. Got it," I said, already heading up to my room. By the time I was on the phone to call Mish, Linda was already out the door.

"Hey Les," Mish answered.

"Hey, Mish. What's up?"

"Oh, just finished getting yelled at for a B- in PreCalc. You?"

"Hearing Michaelson's lecture repeated to me by Linda, who- big shocker- had to run off to work."

"Michaelson lectured you? For what?"

"Kneeing Craig Neils in the balls."

"Hell yeah! You go, girl! So is that where you were in 5th period?"

"Unfortunately, yes. What did I miss?"

"It's ceramics. You didn't miss anything. Oh, except for the new kid. He's kinda cute, but a year below us. And guess who he sits next to?"


"No, you!"

"Oh? Did you catch his name?"

"Sadly, no. I had to deal with someone messing with the projects rack. Normally, I wouldn't have bothered, but he broke the stem off my pumpkin."

"Oh, hardest of lives."

"Hey, how would you like it if someone was messing with your stuff and it broke?"

"Aren't you forgetting that time when Ingrid was looking at my bird bowl and the neck snapped off?"

"Right! It was a good thing she caught it."

"Yeah, but right after that, half of the feathers cracked. Anyways, new guy, cute, anything else?"

"Nada. I'm bored…my dad's nagging me to finish my homework…so I should probably do that. Mmmmkay, talk to you tomorrow."

"Bye, Mish."

I clicked the phone off and fell back on my bed. I had the room to myself for a while, since Jane was off at some club meeting or volunteering at the senior center or something; I lost track of all of her activities.

"Welp, nothing to do now but my homework," I muttered to myself. I figured I may as well start being bored now, because Linda would ground me sooner or later.

A/N: Yup! This is the sequel to /unraveled/
It's very different, and it's meant to be a sequel that woud still make sense even if you didn't read the first. It only loosely ties in and there's a revelation that's much less shocking if you DID read the first one. But…yeah.