On this day last week a great man passed away. Daniel Boone, my father, born to Squire and Sarah Boone. From November 2, 1734, to September 26, 1820, Father did nothing but good. Opening a door to the west, making treaties with the Natives, everything was done in the name of God. Even when he betrayed the salt makers, it was just part of a future plan to escape and return to Boonesborough. During my sister Jemima's rescue he traveled long and far, something that could not have been done by a less loyal man. Both Father and my lovely mother Rebecca mourned my passing that fateful day where both I and another boy met our end. I did not even know his name. Father laid us to rest and moved on.

Even when hardship befell he did not give up. An old man with nothing to call his own, Father was finally granted a parcel of land. He died peacefully on the thing he developed but never possessed for long. Now I would like to welcome Daniel Boone into the Kingdom of God, Life Everlasting. Welcome, Father.

(Told from James' spirit in heaven.)