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It was the end of the world. I wasn't being a drama queen or exaggerating the truth. No, it really was. Why? Of course, a war, what else, the one thing we humans are so good at. Destruction. But this one, a World War, was for once not caused by us, but was about us, for us.

Oh how I wished the nightmares of E-Day would leave me to a peaceful sleep. E-Day, the end days, the end of all days, you see those movies where people are going about their daily lives, nothing unusual then a meteor or alien invasion and chaos ensues! It was like that, a ticking bomb that just went off.

I was sitting in a coffee shop on my computer on dark full moon night, a day off and away from things, then the glass shattered, screams horrified screams filled the once quiet coffee bar.

A car had come screeching threw the window of the shop, plowing through the people like paper. But that wasn't it; the man in the front seat was wrestling, screaming while fighting off a huge dog. People, oh, we're such curious creatures. I began to walk towards the car. When I reached close enough the man's face, draining of life, was smashing against the window of the car while the dog ripped at his back and side.

He was not a man, his eyes glowered a sadistic hollow pale blue and his nails elongated as well as his teeth as he snarled his last breath. The large dog from behind gripping and ripping at his neck now, gurgling and spurting out the last of the dark warm liquid that is life.

I remember stepping back slowly as the door opened, a hair covered animal getting out of the car it, the creature stood on two feet, looking at me. It was no dog, no wolf, I stood staring at what I knew was a werewolf, who just killed what I also knew was a vampire. I just knew. Enough sci fi films out today to not put two and two together.

Deep clear green eyes swirling. The eyes of the devil starred back at me and the world was torn to shreds as the war between races and ideals finally after centuries spilled into our world.

I, Cora Hatti, vowed to survive.