I picked my three stories im most interested in writing.

I'm posting them now :D

1. Fate Destined

this is about elves, orcs, goblins, wizards, humans, dark elves, dwarves, and dragons! Its a harder to write story since its a lot to create a whole new world with different races and names... and i had to create a cheat sheet just to keep it straight! Anyways, heroine (cause all my stories will have strong females!) is placed in a world not her own to save it, but why save something she cares nothing for and possibly even grows to hate it. Well a certain elf may change her mind, if she'd only let him in!

2. Those Eyes

This is an alien story (que alien sound track!) oh wait not those, all though i'd kill to have Sigourney Weaver in my story! But no this is not like that at all hahaha. This story is an alien invasion with a twist! Sexy general and a hot mess southern girl! Who is very much a tom boy and kicks boys butts for fun, get caught up!

3. Step One

WEREWOLVES hahaha sorry i cant help it. This one is a little bit more 'naive'... 'pure'... lead female. More young i guess, but dont take that wrong! Theres plently of spice! This story will delight you guys who have read this book World War E... but you will have to wait and see what i mean, maybe you will see my clues i'm placing in my story... The male in this one is a little different. I see most male werewolves as strong types, now he is of course, but he is a little more pushy and gets what he wants, but also has a playful side at picking on our heroine!

ANYWHO! Whatever gets the most attention i will pay the most attention too, now they will all get post so dont worry! Just some faster than the others.