Is the world full of ugly, twisted people?

Ugly, twisted people exist all over the world. They're the tubby toddler in the sandbox, stealing the dump truck and pouring sand in your hair. They're the CEO who climbed to the top through threats, manipulation and bedrooms. They're found even in retirement homes; the old man in a wheelchair who lashes out at people with a cane he carries in his lap.

The densest population of ugly, twisted people is found in high school. Maybe I'm biased since I'm still there, but if you disagree then you write the answer.

High school is full of these people and it's not always the ones you think it is. If only the outer skin was a direct reflection of the person inside. People who manipulate their way through the four years would look like Halloween witch and those who stop the lost-looking underclassmen and volunteer in their spare time would be the image of an angel.

Unfortunately, high school is not like that. In fact, some of the ugliest people on the inside are the prettiest on the outside. And they know it and know how to use it. They use their looks to get their way with teachers and friends. But underneath, they're twisted and manipulative, as a select few can see. They always have an agenda and will do anything to anyone in order to benefit themselves. The world is full of the remnants of these people. Most grow out of it. A select few, however, stay that way their whole lives.

How unfortunate.