She was one of the most unlucky people alive. She was a klutz, romantically challenged, and just plain unlucky. Especially when it came to blind dates, which her best friend, and roommate, would not stop setting her up on.

"Come one, Liz! It'll be fun!" Rachael said desperately to her best friend, Liz.

"No Rach! I'm done with blind dates!" Liz exclaimed, sighing with a humph.

A few hours later, she was sitting across from a man on a picnic blanket, laughing. Yep, Rachael had succeeded in setting her up on another blind date. And she had anotherone the day after, which, by the way, she was not looking forward to.

"So, what are your interests?" He asked, taking off his glasses and setting them down next to him. Liz smiled nervously.

"Well, I'm an artist, and I love to cook." She told him, grabbing the champagne bottle that Rachael had packed for her. Oh! And she and her boyfriend, Dave, were sitting on a bench nearby, watching Liz and her date.
Anyways, she opened the bottle, and not even a second later, her date was clutching his face. That's right, the cap hit his eye.
"Are you alright?!" Liz asked, starting to get up to help him.

"Y-Yeah, I should probably go to the hospital." He said, getting up as quick as he could.

"Alright, I'll see you around?" She asked him.

"Maybe." He said, running off. Liz sighed, feeling horrible about hurting him.

The next night, Liz was now sitting in her house, right across from another date that Rachael set her up on. And yet again, Rachael was sitting in the room, off in a corner, pretending to read a book.

"Yeah, I work at a law firm, you know, helping people. It's a very serious job." He said, growing a bit nervous as sweat began to prick at his forehead.

"Are you okay? You look a bit flushed." She said, offering him a napkin.

"No, no. It's alright." He declined. She nodded and set the napkin down and brushed a lock of her curly brunette hair behind her ear.

She grabbed a pinch of salt to put on her food as she felt something warm hit her foot, making her fling the salt at her date, going directly in his eyes. Rachael cringed, seeing Liz try to direct him to the bathroom and accidentally making him run into things.
When she finally got him into the bathroom, she got a damp cloth and started to dab his eyes with it, already seeing them turn red.

"Let's just face it;" Liz said to Rachael with a mouthful of ice cream, "I'm never going to find someone who will put up with accidentally hurting them every day."

"Oh come on, there has to be at least oneperson out there who is as clumsy as you." Rachael said, trying to comfort her.

"Oh please, you already have a boyfriend; you don't need to worry about trying to get a boyfriend." Liz replied, swallowing her food.

"Well, we will still find someone for you, even if it's the last thing I do." Rachael said, sticking out her pinky.

Liz laughed and locked her pinky with hers before they continued to watch TV.

The third date was also a bust. Liz has managed to hurt him when she dropped something and they both went to pick it up. He reached it first, but when he stood up, Liz accidentally knocked him into the corner of her and Rachael's coffee table, cutting the side of his forehead.
Liz had managed to clean the cut thoroughly and stop the bleeding since they were all out of band aids.

"Bye!" She called from the drive, waving at him as he got into his car. He turned, gave her a small wave, before getting in his car and driving off, leaving Liz with a sad expression on her face.

She walked into her house, and Rachael trying to comfort her.

"How about we go to the park?" She suggested.

"I'll go by myself; I need to clear my head." She told her, stand up and grabbing her purse and laptop case before walking out of her house and to her bike, since she didn't have a car, and biking to the park.

At the park, she was sitting under a tree, looking at books on her laptop. She read the description for one; called Happily Ever After's for Dummies and ordered it.

That night, she checked the shipping progress for it, and saw that it was due for delivery the next morning. Smiling small, she closed her laptop before crawling in her bed and flicking off her lamp, instantly falling to sleep. After all, she did have a pretty rough day.

That morning, Liz woke up to the sun streaming into her room. Still lying down, she stretched her arms and yawned before actually sitting up as she heard the doorbell ring. Sighing, she tore the covers off her herself, putting on her glasses and shoes before walking to the front door. Opening it, she walked out and about two steps outside; she tripped and fell right on the ground on her stomach. Looking up to see if the delivery man was laughing at her. Instead, she saw that he had tripped too, and was on his stomach right in front of her.
They both began to laugh at themselves, and the noise made Rachael look outside. She saw the two on the ground, laughing and smiled to herself, walking away from the door. The pair continued to laugh at themselves before Liz had managed to say, "Hi."

"I'm John." He said, slightly still laughing.

"I'm Liz." She smiled at him, blushing as he smiled and stared into her eyes.

Sorry it's pretty short, I got this idea while watching the music video Happily Ever After by He is We.