Author: Zorra Reed

You Five.
You've once again poisoned me with you're words.
You've once again spoken lies.

Like china, you've wrapped me in bubbles
…my own plastic binds.
Then laid me in a grave with white roses
and covered me in beads of snow;
packing me away…until I'm forgotten.

Some time from now you'll suddenly remember
…and dig me up.

You didn't pack me right.
My wounds bleed and I died.
Now you're china is broken,
worthless and thrown out.

It was your own poison
Your own words
Your own promises
That were broken.
You lied.

You sacrificed me for a weekend of pleasure
Now you've lost me.
You are not forgiven.
And what has broken cannot be fixed.
Mend all you want but I'll not forgive.

You Five.
You are like poison.

©copyright 2012 Moonrise Inn Publications