Left behind

Faded into the background




All these things are one in the same

They all mean the same thing

All these things happen when a person is abandoned by everyone they thought they knew

Friends, family, teachers, it doesn't matter

Some may abandon faster than others

Friends and teachers tend to abandon faster than family

We've all been through, gone through, or are going through abandonment

You know what I'm talking about

Those times when you're in a group and you say one thing and no one even notices

It's like your voice is no longer there

Like you're no longer there

When you never answer questions in class because you know the teacher won't notice

You never speak to your mom and dad because you know you're invisible to them

And when and if people ask you why you don't talk

Your throat swells and it feels like you don't have a voice

Like you can't talk

You pray someone will notice you

But that rarely happens

It's like you have a power to become invisible when you're around people

You don't like it

But you've learned to live with it

And you know what

Someday it won't matter

Someday we'll know who we've truly been abandoned by

Someday we'll know who truly loves us

Those who are immune to our power of invisibility

Those who hear our quiet voices

Those who see our sad faces

Those who make us smile and laugh

Those who make us shout and jump with happiness

Those who truly care

Those who we will gladly love and protect

Those who will cry with us when we cry

Those who will help us find a light at the end of this dark tunnel