I see your world.

It crumbles and bleeds around you,

Falling and burning as it breaks apart.

Its heart is gone, destroyed.

You left it to ruin and rust,

Like an old toy that lost favor.

Why did you abandon it?

Why did you let it burn?

Screams and dying gasps

The only sounds left to this place.

Silent prayers lifted past the smoke

Onwards and upwards to your ears.

Who will help them now?

When you turned your back on them?

A golden angel to step forward,

Alone to protect them.

Rising from the ashes of your hate,

A lone figure moves past the rubble

Past the leftovers of cities.

Past the broken dreams.

They live on now in me.

I saved them when you would not.

I loved them and held them,

I protected them from your disdain.

Beat me, destroy me, leave me to rot.

But never hurt them again.

Let them know the love I give,

The love I have to keep them safe.