"In a shocking landslide vote, the American people have voted to support a complete change of the US government system from a democracy to a democratic monarchy. Who would have believed that after two hundred and fifty years of a republic the United States of America would take that step back to monarchy? The next move in this process will be the election of the first reigning king or queen of this great nation. Who will the people decide should become the leader, the king?"

Jane clicked off the volume on the television and sighed. What had the world come to?The American public had just signed away all freedom, all choice? A monarch? What were they thinking? Jane looked down at her phone beside her on the bed. Why wasn't it ringing? She expected at least one or more of her family to call to say how sorry they were that her campaigning against the choice had not been for nothing. But why should they when they would be so tempted to indulge in an "I told you so" for her troubles. Glancing back at the television she saw her photo up beside the anchorwoman and un-muted it.

"In a rare occurrence for someone who so loudly opposed a vote, the people have also nominated Jane Witicker to be the first elected monarch. Jane Witicker has been the main opposition to the vote since it was announced. Her opinions on the matter being that it would destroy the basic freedoms of Americans and a betrayal of the Founding Fathers. For the people to nominate her implies that while the vote succeeded, maybe her message was not lost. I have with me our on the street reporter to share with us some of the views and explanation of why this has come about. Josh?"

"Thank you, Amy. You're right, this is unusual. But I think the reason its happened is because the people believe that someone who opposed it so vehemently is also the most likely to not abuse the power if given it. If they elect Ms Witicker, though she might still decline the nomination, she would put her power to best use."

In disgust, Jane threw the remote at her television, managing to turn it off, but not breaking it. Now her cell phone began ringing, as did her house phone. She checked to see who was calling on them, and picked the cell because it was her husband.

"Jane? Are you okay? I just heard the news."

"Okay? I'm not really certain that is a word that will ever apply to me again. How could they do this to me? How, Eric?"