The darkest days of the earth should cloud all

Yet not a human does it touch.

I, the earth, don't let my dark days show.

Unknown to me why I love humans so

Wondering why they have not run away.

I watch the eclipse take place and pray that it may end.

But the eclipse can't end till the humans leave.

And I know that I can't make them leave.

Oh happy yes that the sun is gone,

Yet still as difficult, to end the night.

Oh with this my darkness, shall be slow in ending,

And maybe I don't wish it to.

For when the darkness clears, will it be the moon or the human,

That stands before me?

I can't get the humans from my mind,

Though the darkness still clouds my every step.

The eclipse won't fade, and neither do people.

Wishing I had never left, my spot as the sun,

To come down, and love the humans from earth.

The moon had once, fallen for earth,

But then stood next to sun till I became earth.

Then stayed with sun, though I was now earth.

Maybe a day will come, when my time again nears,

To stand as the sun, with the moon by my side.

Without any humans, to plague my night.

But till then, comes an eclipse of darkness.

And I must endure, and shelter the humans,

From the darkest days, I have ever known,

Shielded from the Eclipse meant for me.