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Chapter 4

Alyss jumped up from her bed.


It was her only thought while she bounded down the stairs. As she reached the door, she heard his voice calling her name and her heart beat increased. Her hand grabbed the doorknob just as a jolt went through her body. Her hands remained where they were, not turning the thing that was connected to the outside. She leaned against the door and mentally kicked herself.

Seriously, what am I doing?


Christian heard the sound of heavy footsteps rapidly coming toward the door and sighed in relief. He waited for the sound of the door unlocking and clicking open. It never came. It was silent on the other side of the door.



'Alyss I-'

It was all he could say before hearing the dull creak of the stairs, telling him that she had gone back to her bedroom.


He actually came… Alyss thought with mixed emotions. Of course, she was happy that someone had actually bothered to come but also scared that she would somehow hurt him.

'What should I do…?' She wailed softly.

What's so bad about drinking blood? The voice in her mind asked.

'As if you'll understand…' She muttered back, gripping her head between her hands.

A pause. I might, you know. What was that she heard in his voice? Pain? No way. So she laughed, the frightening sound bubbling from her throat.

What's so funny? The voice had his amused tone back.

'You…me…my life…' Her laughter died down into a bitter expression. 'Everything.'

The voice chuckled. You're right.


Christian sat on the steps in front of Alyss' home, wondering what the hell he was doing there, when he heard footsteps approaching the door. Standing up abruptly, he was just in time as the door opened. He looked at her worriedly.

'Are you alright?' He asked, taking a step forward. Her face looked really pale.

She shrunk back. 'Yeah.' Her voice said emotionlessly. 'So you can leave now.'

Christian looked confused. 'What?'

'You can leave now.' Alyss said, more forcefully this time.

Christian took a step forward. The girl tried to step back again but he reached out and gripped her arms firmly in his hands. Their eyes locked for a second before Alyss looked away.

'Why won't you look me in the eyes and say it.' Christian challenged. He moved his head to stare directly into her eyes. She looked back with her brown ones, bewildered.

'Say it…' He demanded softly. 'I'll be able to leave if you do.'


'Please…' Christian pleaded with a pained expression that made her chest ache.

Her voice froze in her throat.

'Just…' She managed to squeeze out. Her eyes looked down. 'Le–mm?'

Her eyes widened in surprise as Christian cupped her face in his hands and pressed his lips firmly against hers. She tried to say something but he just used the opportunity to deepen the kiss. After a second of hesitation, she kissed back, closing her eyes and gripping the back of his shirt. They stood there for a long time until he broke away and gazed at her with those beautiful dark eyes. A little out of breath, she looked back, mesmerised. He leaned in again, eyes half-closed. For a second, she was tempted to do the same but was reminded by a small growl at the back of her mind.

Want him to end up as your dinner?

Shocked at the danger she was putting him in, she pushed Christian away. She ignored the pain in her heart when she saw his hurt expression.

'Just…leave.' She said, looking into his eyes.

'But–' Alyss interrupted him by tiptoeing and lightly brushing her lips on his before her gaze became steel-like.

'Leave.' She ordered flatly.

She watched him pause and mutter something next to 'see you at school' before he walked down the driveway and into his car. He glanced at her again as if hoping for her to change her mind but she managed to maintain her icy appearance. She remained like that until the street became silent again, free of the sound of his car's engine. Slamming the door shut, she slid down and buried her face in her knees. After what seemed like eternity, she raised her tear stained face and slowly got up to prepare her dinner.

At least that was something to be relieved about.

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