How do you know you are in Love?


As Chloe ran down the Parisian cobbled path, bare feet, in pouring rain crying silently. her tears became a part of the rain pouring down her face, fooling people that cross her path...the stone buildings she passed through moved with her in a swift blurry motions, her red dress clinging to her frail petite body, she ran as fast as she could.

Somewhere a musicians' violin passed her mind like the Doppler's effect... she finally stopped at the foot of her favourite 'rust' as her mother called it, the Eiffel tower, glittering with a million lightsthe symbol of love and relationship one 'o' one. What was so great about it? after all it was 300 something meter tall tower, with tons of iron riveted together to form a gateway for the world exhibition in the eighteen hundreds! then how did this 'rust' of a structure become the symbol for love? I mean in its core of existence it was just a drab and dull iron structure which somehow became the face of love and relationships? how on earth did that happen?

As she sat on the ground, whipping her tears, staring up at this romantic tower of her dreams, she questioned did this structure become so romantic? similarly how do you know what is romance? love? or even passion? as a matter of fact what is love? how do you fall in love? how does someone fall in love with you? and the most important one of them all - how do you know you are in love?