Lola hefted her close to overflowing suitcase onto the elevator, already feeling stressed she ran her hand through her hair.
Thankfully the queues were not too lengthy and soon enough she had made her way through security and into the small mall area where you waited for your flight. There she met Zach, Adelle and Millie who greeted her with beams and banter.
She noticed two plastic guitar cases leaning against each other in a mellow fashion.
With an unrecognised pang in her stomach Lola recalled Zach insisting that him and Adelle both brought their guitars so they could play together.
A feat that Lola had never managed to accomplish.

An hour or so passed, filled with arduous conversation, when the announcement was made reminding them to go to the departure lounge for their plane was to leave soon.
After arriving at the departure lounge they were promptly led to the plane which left in scheduled time.

It wasn't too long till the first announcement was given, "Please do not be alarmed, but we will be landing in an airport in North Egypt because the airport in India has been attacked by terrorists.
We will be securing you a hotel to stay in for the next couple of weeks, before we can take you to India." Lola stared at Zach open mouthed, "what!?" she managed to choke out.
How could all their efforts work up to this?
Zach too looked shocked, and as one they glanced at each other brows furrowed.

The passengers murmured to each other anxiously as they neared their new destination, Crete in Greece. They soon landed safe fully and they made their way through security until they were informed by one of the crew that they it could take three weeks at the most until the airport in India was deemed safe.

The troubled foursome collapsed on a group of seats, Lola groaned and leant back deeper into the chair, despairing at their situation.
She pulled out their map and traced a finger along the route they had hoped to take, as she did so her finger slipped of the red lined track, drawing a line from Greece to Egypt.
It clicked, she sat up sharply . "Guys…we could go off track, like completely. And instead go from here to Egypt, and take it from there."

A smile spread slowly across Zach's features, " It would probably take longer, be completely ridiculous and probably more difficult. But, why not?"

Why not indeed Lola had thought at the time, but as the mosquitoes hummed softly over her head and Adelle and Zach played a relaxing love tune Lola couldn't help but feel that pang again.
Adelle had always been the one in the couple or with boys drooling at her. Did she have any hope at all?
She sighed and excusing herself she walked away with a scrap of paper in hand and a pencil.
She crouched onto a rock and after a thinking carefully scrawled down:

Things to do before I die

Ride a camel
Kiss the Blarney stone
Sleep under the stars
Fly in a hot air balloon
Hike a mountain
Eat fish straight form the sea
Write a message in concrete
Eat an orange straight froth the tree
Learn to play an instrument

She hesitated before continuing,

Fall in love.

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