Author's Note: I've been thinking about making a collection of short stories in the second person. I'd like to hear your opinions by a review or leaving a PM for me. Thank you for reading.

The witching hour is now. There are no lights on in the house. In the distance, a raven's caws echo. The wind smells like autumn air and potential death.

The wind makes your hair dance. The fear for your brother runs in your veins. You pull the backpack of extra weapons closer. Clenching a stake in your hands, you begin to walk inside the vampire infested house.

Pressing your hand upon the door, it opens with a loud squeak. You step stealthy as possible except each floorboard gives away your location. The eyes that you possess search around the first floor. The first room you investigate is the family room. Raising the stake higher, you search in a nearby closet and sudden movement shakes your nerves. Looking up, you realize it's just a bat taking flight. Releasing a sigh of relief, you examine the rest of the living room and find no sign of your little brother.

The next room to investigate is the dining room. The bat from the living room hangs on the chandelier. A white sheet rests on the table. The window has a large crack along with a hole. Looking out the window, you see bats flying in the night sky in search for food.

In the corner of your eye, you see something moving. You turn to the wall and see a shadow moving. The problem is the shadow is not yours. Fear paints your face as a pale hand with long sharpen nails come forth from the black shape. Next to appear is the top half: a torso, both arms and shoulders, and a head. Soon the rest of the body emerges. A woman with hair red as fire stands before you. She bears her fangs with a loud hiss.

"Come to save your brother?" she asks. Her voice sounds like crackling firewood.

Not bothering to answer, you push the wooden stake to her heart. Of course, since she's a vamp, she swiftly runs and stops right behind you.

"You're going to die tonight," she whispers in your ear. Her breath reeks of decaying skin and rotten blood.

Suddenly a sharp pain attacks your shoulder. The question is has she assaulted you with her razor-sharp nails or her venom filled fangs? You'll have to worry about that later, for you drop to your knees. The woman bends you over. Your chest points to the ceiling. The moonlight from the window exposes your tasty looking neck.

She licks her lips. "Good enough to eat."

Thoughts of your brother, Kyle, invade your mind. The memory of his twelfth birthday plays before your eyes. He opens the box that holds your present. Then he yells in happiness because you gave him two tickets to his favorite baseball team. He embraces you tight enough to squeeze your breathe as he thanks you.

He must have his thirteenth birthday. You will make sure of it.

Clenching your hand into a fist, you punch the vampire as hard as you can. She drops you, covering her face with her hands. You get off the ground and raise the stake.

The woman stares at you with anger painting her face. "You da-"

You impale her heart with the stake. She screams in agony. She turns into ash before busting like a piñata. Ashes scatter. You close your mouth so none of them will make their way inside. Covering your nose and mouth, you hurry out of the dining room. Your shoulder still throbs and screams in pain. The bat follows you.

Soon you come across the stairway that leads to the second floor. It seems promising. You can tell, for the bat flies in the next floor. Each stair sings in squeals with each step.

Arriving at the top, a hallway contains four rooms. Each door is closed. With quiet steps, you walk down the hall. You open your backpack and retrieve a new stake.

A moment waves goodbye before a quiet but haunting voice echoes. It whispers your name. All of a sudden, the doors swing open. They close and open repeatedly. The door closest to you represents your heart beating, which it looks like it might break off its hinges. The one across from it bangs each time the voice says your name. The last two hits the doorway every time you take a step.

"You're almost to your brother," the voice says.

The bat flies into a piece or rope. You rush it to; the last two doors pounds loudly. Pulling on the rope, stairs spill out. It reveals the attic.

"He's in there."

Clutching the wooden weapon tightly, you quickly go up to the attic. There is no time to be quiet. Your little brother is in danger, waiting for you.

You are in the attic. The bat flies to the ceiling and hangs there. The air brings the scent of dust and mildew. There is a circular window at the front wall. Memories, treasures, and junk clutter this room. Your eyes scan everything, but your brother cannot be seen.

"Keep looking."

You obey the creepy voice. A sudden movement captures your attention. There is something moving underneath a blanket. The blanket seems to be covering a chair with something or someone beneath it. You raise the stake as you come closer to the chair. Your quivering hand reaches to the blanket. Grabbing hold of it, you pull it away.

A small boy with a black gag is tied to the chair with rope. His blue eyes look at you in desperate need of help. Your heart burst with joy and relief.

"Kyle," you say.

Dropping the weapon, you unravel the binding from his mouth and start to disentangle the rope. The ropes fall to the floor. Kyle gets out the chair fast and hugs you.

"I was afraid," says he, "that you wouldn't come for me."

"Of course I would. You're my little brother. I love you."

He looks at your injured shoulder. "What happened?"

"It's nothing."

"Does it hurt?"

"It's excruciating. It feels like it's burning my veins." You sigh. "Let's go home."

"It isn't over yet…" The sound of the voice crawls in your ears.

Alert, you grab the stake and stand. "Get out of here, Kyle. Run!"

"What about you?"

"Never mind me! Go, now!"

Kyle obeys and dashes to the stairs; however, the bat plummets and hits the floor. It stops your brother from escaping. A black cloud forms from it. The cloud expands the room, touching from the floor to the ceiling. It now moves in a circular motion like a black tornado. The voice laughs.

A male vampire comes out of the cloud as it fades away. He smiles, extending his fangs one by one. "Hello, Jamie," he says to you, licking his fangs.

"Get away from him, Kyle!" you command.

Kyle runs to you, but the vamp takes his arm and breaks it.

"NO!" The word breaks away from you.

You run to them. The vampire uses Kyle as a shield.

"Don't come any closer," he warns, "or I'll drink your brother dry." You stop. He adds, "Drop the stake and your backpack. Drop them!" The sound of the wood hitting the floor echoes. He grins.

Kyle looks at you, nodding once. He stomps on the vamp's foot. Growling in pain, he pushes him away. You sprint to your brother. You see the man coming closer to him, fangs at the ready. You hold Kyle and turn around. The vampire bites you instead. A hot pain burns your neck. A moment quickly fades away as the man pulls away from you.

"Ugh! Your blood is revolting. Why-" Realization strikes him. "The lady, she-"

Your arms fall from Kyle, and you collapse on the floor. Kyle looks at you and says something, but you can't hear. The venom the woman filled you with is taking effect. Liquid fire travels in your veins, rebuilding you into the almost perfect killing machine. Red is clouding your vision. Teeth are transforming into fangs. Fingernails grow, changing into weapons. They're sharp as knives. Your sight is intensifying. Your sense of hearing is enhancing. The rest of your senses are heightening. Your muscles are strengthening greatly. But, for some strange reason, your skin is not turning pale.

"Ah," says the vamp. "You are now a dhampire, a hybrid of both human and vampire. It is temporary for now. You will only alter into a full vampire if you have a taste of human blood." His sights are set on your brother and smiles. His eyes are hiding a dark intention. "Kyle-"

"Run, Kyle!" you yell.

Kyle abides by you, running to the stairs. The man chases after him. With your improved muscles, you sprint and catch him in no time. You pull the vampire away from your brother just in time. Kyle is going down the stairs. You slam the vamp on the ground and impale your hand into his chest. You grab hold of his heart and pull it out. Then you stomp on his head, smashing it beyond recognition. You take the stake and stab the heart with it.

The heart turns black then explodes into ashes. Your eyes look at the man, who had the nerve to have the idea of making you taste your brother's blood. His body changes into black stone. He must have been the leader of his two vamp clan, for his death is different. With your strength that would make Hercules blush, you lift the statue and shove it through the round window. The shards of glass break as the statue plummets toward the ground. After you wear your backpack, you jump out of the broken window and land just in time to see the dead vampire crash and shatter into a million black pieces.

Kyle exits out the door. You take a step or two and stand before him. You hug him tight enough not to crush his bones.

"Are you okay?" you ask, cupping his face.

He nods. "I'm fine. You?"

Chuckling, you answer, "I'm fine." You cut your forearm. A thin line of crimson spills out. "Here, drink this. Dhampires' blood can heal." He looks at you with unsure eyes. You roll yours. "I just faced two vampires for you. You can at least trust me on this."

He dips his finger on your arm and quickly licks the blood. The both of you look at his broken arm and watch as it heals.

"See, I told you."

"Thank you."

You rub the top of his head. "You're welcome. Time to go home." You take one last glance at the demolished statue before leaving.