Watch the lying liars lie!

For the fake faced fear the truth.

The truth of the power hungry grasp.

Were lies the money- the supremacy?

Hold not back, for the power have they already.

But to be the figure-head, rather than those whispering in their ears

To fight the battle of shadowed mysteries

They know naught were true power lies, but chase after it all the same.

Must mislead the public, gather all the voices.

Only when they all have been deceived

Then the truth be told, to the deafened ears of the crowd

Whom see to them but mute idols, their words no longer key.

If they be but perfect, we shan't see their flaws.

For heroes will they forever be.

True faces, jack-o-lantern faces, never to be seen,

Hidden in their borrow or displayed on their walls

For blind will us all be, if the truth be not be desired.

But fear not- it is never shown.

For truth frightens all, and the words of reality shan't be uttered for the Devil's spell.

Search for the scarce you may, but be warned the dark, the monster, the demon!

Or let well enough alone, hide your face away and let






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