Sit we in the deep dark hole.

But sit we willingly? I think not!

For the lack of light, of peace, it shall take its toll.

Never again shall we feel the warmth, though possibly the burning hot.

But wait!

What lurks round the corner, turn in the endless plain?

Is it a piece of light, or the perfect mate?

Or be it but more trouble, hurt, and pain?

We watch the crowd and think it must be better.

It must be simply me.

Yet wander 'bout the life of the other

And feel the loneliness be.

Truth is ever hard to except but ever plain to see.

Hide from the fact though thou may,

Life is simply misery,

No matter how big a heart thou may possess or however much thou pray.

But ask, thee may, if life is but a hell

Why must we fight the inevitable end

Of everlasting peace and sleep, or whatever else may be tell?

Let me die! Broken hearts do mend!

But my torture.

No, that shan't find its deathbed lying in wait.

All I shall find is more, more, more!

So let me go, before it 'tis to late.

I can escape this hell hole, if though givest me the chance!

Selfish I might be,

But let me find the light at last, escape the endless lance!

Thou heart-ache shall ebb as though realize it was truly torture to be acquainted with me.

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