Giggles and laugher echoed around in the cold October night. Trick-or-treaters of all ages dressed up as their favorite superhero, princess, or creature flocked the sidewalks traveling to every house seeking candy.

Occasionally a trick-or-treater would sneak up and scare a friend or sibling. At was all in good fun however.

Well, for most at least.

There were a few who took scaring other quite seriously, like Myles for example. He walked around in tattered jeans and a black t-shirt, his chocolate brown hair blown to one side and his gold-green eyes picking up every detail around him. Slung over his shoulder was his backpack half filled with candy stolen from half-terrified children.

Myles enjoyed scaring people, he knew it was wrong but he couldn't help himself. The terrified look on people's faces when he showed his true colors amused him.

Besides on Halloween it was okay, it was a day dedicated to terror. You were supposed to scare people, maybe not steal their candy but that didn't matter.

What mattered was that Myles got what he wanted so no one got hurt. All he wanted was candy.

Yes, it was childish for an eighteen year old to be obsessing over sugary treats. But that was not going to stop him.

As he walked he noticed a young boy, probably about seven or eight, lagging behind his group of friends. He was dressed up as a vampire, with a black cape, fake fangs, and his face painted with white makeup.

Myles fell into pace behind the boy and waited for the perfect moment to scare him. After a few more houses the group turned down a street with less people on it and a few broken street lamps.

Luck is on my side this year, Myles thought with a smirk.

The group of boys dashed up the long twisting driveway of the house at the end of the street. The boy dressed as a vampire was still lagging behind and as he walked past the last working street lamp Myles decided to make his move.

In a couple of swift movements Myles caught up with the boy and tapped his shoulder. The same second the boy turned a small shuddered spread throughout Myles's body as coarse hair spread up his arms, claws grew from his fingers and his face morphed into that of a wolf's.

The boy stood, paralyzed with fear at the sight of Myles. The kid's hands shook but he didn't drop the bag of candy. Instead he just stared.

This annoyed Myles. Every other kid he scared dropped the bag and ran.

Not this one.

After a second the kid stood up straighter and held his ground, although his bottom lip trembled greatly.

Myles put a clawed hand on his hip and growled "Give me the candy, kid" he said in a deep raspy voice. He held out his other hand but the kid just stared.

They stood there like that for a moment.

Then the kid screamed in anger and swung the bag of candy at Myles. Something hard collided with his knee and he went down. In an instant the boy dropped the bag and ran towards the house where his friends were.

At least he dropped the bag.

Myles went back to looking human and opened the bag. Inside was a six-pack of Coca-Cola. No wonder the kid was walking so slowly.

Quickly Myles realized the kid would be back any minute and he got up and dashed down the street. Braving the slight pain in his knee. Groups of kid got out of his way as he ran down the sidewalk and parents just yelled at him. Still he kept running.

A half hour passed and Myles was walking into the small apartment he shared with his boyfriend and fellow werewolf. He plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV. Myles didn't really care what was on as long as the apartment wasn't quite, so he left it on the local news.

After dumping all the candy on the coffee, Myles spent a while on rummaging through it. He ended up with two piles; the kinds he liked and the ones he didn't.

"Halloween trick, or supernatural treat? Reports say that a werewolf was spotted in a downtown suburb. This werewolf went around scaring children and taking their candy. Reports also say this werewolf had brown hair and gold eyes. Is this an elaborate hoax, or the real thing? In other news-" Myles then turn off the news and laughed as he popped a sour candy into his mouth.

"I see you had fun tonight" said a voice that made Myles jump out of his seat. He turned to see Zane standing with his arms crossed in the doorway to their bedroom.

Myles bit his lip and guiltily looked at the candy he collected while out that night "I guess" he mumbled.

Zane stepped towards Myles and wrapped his arms around him "You could have had some fun if you stayed here" he whispered in Myles's ear.

Myles looked at Zane with his cold blue eyes and pale blonde hair, then at the candy, and back to Zane once again.

Slowly he shook his head "But I can have fun with you any day" Myles said after a moment "Halloween's the only night I can legally get this much free candy"

Zane pulled away from Myles obviously mad and stormed off to their room, slamming the door behind him.

Myles stood there and listening to see if anything smashed within their bedroom. When nothing did he sat back down, pulled out a bag of chips and chuckled to himself while he put a horror movie on. He won't be gone long, he thought to himself.

Barely five minutes passed until Zane came back out with a blanket and curled up beside Myles.

"Go out instead of staying home with me again and I'll kill you"

"Sure you will"