A/N: Here are two poems in one chapter. Expect longer chapters but if I don't update for a long time it probably means I'm dead. All poetry belongs to me, please ask before using it. I'll say yes, just tell me first.

I don't Wish

For war

For hate

For more

Than as of late

No hope hope

No sound

No dreams

To be found

Deliver me from here

Take me away

Swallow me whole

Safe for another day

You go up to the hill

To the dark place

Where the darkness consumes

A scream etched on your face

In the back of the mind

There is a spot

It's not hard to find

Truly, it's not

Look deep within

To that dark area

Let it eat you completely

With an edge of hysteria

Poem II: Fallen

You were so high!

Up in the sky

Things were great

Day after day

But then suddenly

You couldn't see

And when worst came to worse

Your whole body hurt

The light vanished fast

You knew it'd never last

Tumble into the pit

Taking hit after hit

Can't last for a day

Disgusted that way

Couldn't long for the sky

No longer high

The rush is gone

Silence stretched long

No calm after storm

All cold, no warmth

You can not escape

It's already too late

No hope for you

No friends there, too

There is only darkness

Light is the farthest

Thing from you now

So just stay on the ground.