A/N: Think "Evanescence" while reading. No song in particular.

Let me go, let me sing

Let my heart beat anything

Restrictions, break the skin

This treatment makes me thin

Saw an ad, saw a smile

So happiness is worthwhile?

I can't leave, I'm hungry

I'm really cold, can't you see?

You say that I don't know

Where exactly I would go

If the chains were unlocked

If the bonds were broken

If my voice were unblocked

And if I could have spoken, I would say

That today I was free, I'd scream.

Just one cut, just one taste

One thing so I'd see

A little thought heard of 'free'

Seppuku, a forgotten death

Don't forget to hold your breath

Don't forget that I'm still here

Even so if you're not near

The heart, a lost soul

Collected within a bowl

A stack of rhyme

A sprinkle of mine

My own beliefs, a leaf

Falling gently down

A hairpiece turns a crown

The heads all turn around

Marveling and wanting now

A slice of light, a sigh

I want freedom so

I'll let go of the night

And now you know

Where I shall go

If I were released

Perhaps not complete,

But still me, me, me, me, me.