I hate you so much

Just get the fuck out

Your evil little smirk

Your insults, too loud

Fuck you to hell

Rot for all I care

You can't even spell

How to share

Share your thoughts

Feelings for me

Do you feel at all?

Or for only She?

You fight all the time

Then come crawling back

If I meant that much

You'd shut your trap

You always ask why

Lines are on my wrist

I brush you off

And lean in for a kiss

You reject me gently

Take me in your arms

Rock me so softly

Make me alarmed

You ask me why

I'm in so much pain

Why you're not enough

Why every day rains

I gaze into your eyes

And there I see love

I then start to cry

You shush me, join the club

I push you away

Thought you came back out of spite

But then I see clearly

You care alright

You care so fuckin much

That it kills you to see

Me hurting myself

What shit

You prove that you care

I thought it all fake

Your pitying stare

Tasted fouler than Iggy's cake,*

I love you so much

But I hate you too

Just go the hell away

Don't leave me alone


*Cookies to whoever gets that reference.