"Stop! Trust me you don't want to do this!"
"How do you know?! You don't know what I want! You never did understand the pain of my life,"

"Then help me understand!"

I was inches from the edge. I couldn't take any more of this. All their standards and rules and high expectations. I'm tired of it all, it's too much. I'm just so tired. I jump. I feel the cold wind mixed with harsh rain against my bare skin, it feels like a thousand tiny knives being thrown at me, one after another. I hear her scream. I feel so free. Free from their expectations and their standards and their stupid rules. Free from their hate, their words, and my imperfections. All I see is pure black as I twist and turn in the midnight black night sky. I remember when I was only thinking of doing this only last week. It was real. It is real. I hit the ground with a thud.