Too much pain to forget You….

Chapter 1 is based on a true story

A novella

1. Goodbye, My Best Friend

Fourth grade, with all the preteen drama, is too young to know what love is really like, right? Not in their case; meet Billy Sawyer and Jenny Plunkett, your classic example of best friends: ate lunch together, talked forever. Billy protected Jenny and in return she gave him a friendship that would never be replaceable.

"Bill, what's wrong? You haven't spoken a word to me since my mommy and I picked you up this morning…" The 11-year-old girl asked her friend as they made their way into the crowded lunchroom

Her blue eyes filled worry, Billy looked at Jenny, and suddenly hugged the girl so close that she could feel his warmth. He didn't let go until her strawberry blond hair brushed his arm and just stared into her eyes with tears in his mud brown eyes. Jenny stared back with her own tears, knowing what was wrong.

"You're leaving me, aren't you? You are moving…" Her little heart broke into little pieces as Billy nodded his head, his own heart hurt as each tear rolled down her rosy cheeks:

"I have to, Jenna; my dad got a new job in Boston. But I need you to-"


By now, she was sobbing; she fell onto her knees and wrapped her arms around herself. You must be thinking: she only in fourth grade and she acts like a 13-year-old, she will meet new friends. That's hard to the fact that Billy and her have been friends since their baby days, she was loosing the only person that understood her better than anyone, even her own parents didn't knew her like he did.

Billy dropped in front of her and used his index finger to bring her daze back by up to his eyes, his hand moved to her cheek. She was the most beautiful girl in his eyes, and leaving her was the last thing on his mind but he knew that he had to, with that, he kissed her forehead and said these words:

"Goodbye, Jennifer, I'll remember you. Don't come to say goodbye please, I don't want to see you in more pain than you already are….."

That was the last time William James Sawyer and Jennifer Emily Ella Plunkett saw each other. But Jenny and Billy would never forget the best friend that they knew their whole lives. And maybe Faith isn't done with their destiny, who knows? Life is funny that way, not to mention love, follow as I tell a tale about these young lovers and their path back to together…