10. Sorrys and Questions

Billy sat down as Jenny stared ahead, not wanting to even look at him, it hurt too much to look at the drop-dead handsome man next to her, but a hand brought her gaze to his powerful eyes:

"Jenna, I was an ass, a jerk. I'm so sorry Jenna, I'm so in love with you, and I was afraid to lose you but now my worst nightmare is coming true because MYSELF, I'm so so so sorry my baby, I love you so much. Forgive me, please?" Billy begged, his eyes speared far in hers, Jenny smiled and nodded but her smile soon faded as a question popped into her head.

"Why did you trust me Billy? You know that I love you, why did you trust me?" She asked, her voice barely a whisper, Billy just shook his head and said:

"I was blinded by the fears and trusted my head not my heart, I know I should have trusted you but jealously took over; I am begging you to give me a second chance, and this time I won't let the green monster win because I've got the prefect woman and I'm not going to let her slip through my fingers again."

Billy pulled himself onto one knee in front of her. Jenny stared at him for 15 minutes straight then she grinned and jumped on him, crashing him onto his back; her lips locked with his, this kiss was like no other they had had shared before; passionate, but so soft, their lips moved together like two dancers with a burning passion. They broke apart, breathing heavily and eyes shining, Billy placed his right hand on her soft cheek, tugging a stray hair behind her ear.

"Will you make me the happiest man in the world, and honor me by being my wife, Jennifer Emily Ella Plunkett, please?" He asked holding her even tighter now. He pulled them both on their feet and got on one knee again, and opened a night black box, revealing the most beautiful ring that she ever seen; unable to find her voice, Jenny just nodded as happy tears rolled down her cheek, he grinned a bold grin and slipped the ring onto her finger and picked her off her feet, swinging her around and around while laughing out with joy.

This was the day that William James Sawyer and Jennifer Emily Ella Plunkett became one and all the pain and tears were forgotten. They knew this was the beginning of a lifetime filled of love and happiest, no more pain…

The End…..

This novella is delited to all the loving people that are there for me, and to one special someone who is sending me love all the way from Virgina, I love you all thanks for never stopping believing in me…..