Here I sit

stuck top shelf

collecting dust next to ol' Betty Sue.

Her button eye was chewed off by

that Christmas puppy a few years back and

her arm hap-hazardly sewn back on by

the one you call "mother." I still remember

how you cried for poor 'ol Betty

as I sat up here on the shelf and watched

as you nursed her back to health with your

doctor kit. You put her up here for safe keeping, but

what about me? I'm not broken; I still have all my accessories.

I can still play.

Ah, those games of tag with the neighborhood children,

the floor is lava, and oh, those tea parties.

We did everything together. Good times those. I'm not

sure where you went but there is this new girl moving

in on your room so won't you come back? Sure the view

up here is nice but it's dirty and sorry to say 'ol Betty Sue

isn't much fun. Wont you come back?

Even for just one more game.