He was lying sprawled out on the bed of the hotel room fast asleep. Downstairs a convention was still going on hard and loud in the early morning. He had spent the first day walking around viewing the different panels and booths. He was dressed up to be the "invisible man", wearing black sunglasses to hide his light blue eyes; he bandaged up his face and hands, and wore a long black overcoat to complete the outfit. But bandages of course don't really breathe well. After 2 hours of wearing them he went back to the hotel room and ripped them off his face and collapsed onto the bed asleep. As he slept he dreamed about the black lace and corset that framed her small body. How she cutely winked at him and made him chase her through the crowd only to disappear when he thought he had gotten hold of her.

It was day 2 and he already had missed her twice. The first time, when he finally cornered her it was in the elevator of the hotel. She had been teasing him since the first night when they held a masquerade. Running up to him and planting a passionate kiss on his lips then ran off. He followed her out of the hall and saw her swing around the corner. In the light he could see her black and white Lolita outfit. Black stocking that wrapped up her legs and hips, decorated with a bow on each sock. She beckoned to him to the exit doors, and he followed her outside into the dark and pouring rain.

She was standing up against the brick building looking up at him with a small smile twiddling her thumbs. As if she was waiting for something.

"So what is your name?" he asked her. She smiled. And quietly she answered.

"Maybe I don't have one."

"How can you not have name?"

"Well do you have one?"

"Yes, it's Matthew."

"Oh. In that case I guess my name could be Natalie."

"It could be?"

"Yes, for now I'm Natalie. Is that alright?" He couldn't help but laugh.

"It's alright. What are your plans for the evening?"

"At the moment I'm heading home." She pointed towards the lit bus stop across the street. She got on her toes and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "We'll have to continue tomorrow." She bounced off into the rain and away from him. Despite the cold he could still feel her warmth on his cheek. He walked back in alone and back to his hotel room.

The next morning he got up and attended the convention again. This time he left behind his costume and walked around with just his suit and trench coat. Occasionally fan girls were calling out to him for some reason, something to do with 'Torchwood' or some doctor. But he came down early for the private viewing of a new show that was being held in theater. Sitting in the dark he watched the hour long episode pass by.

At half hour mark he felt someone breathe on his neck and run their fingers through his hair from behind. Someone nuzzled his neck and reached down to hold his hand.

"Natalie?" he whispered, as not to bother the other viewers.

"Yes Matthew?" she whispered back into his ear. She was leaning over his shoulders draped on him.

"What do you think you're doing silly girl?" He turned to look her in the eyes. He couldn't see her clearly but he could make out her bright eyes looking at him, smiling in the dark.

"We should get out of here."

"And why is that?" She kissed him on the cheek like before and slid off him, and walked out of the room. Promptly he got up and followed her out. Back out in the light she saw that her original dark outfit was replaced with something sweeter. A mad hatter dress that looked mismatched and sewn together with different colors and ribbons. Her outfit seemed to match her theme. The stockings were two different vibrant colors and her cute lolita shoes were replaced with black combat boots.

"Feeling slightly mad, are we?" he joked with her and she just smiled. "I guess I'm yours for the day.

"If you want to put it that way, then sure."

"What do you feel like doing?"

"Beating you." She grabbed his arm and dragged him to the gaming room, sat him down in front of a screen and put a controller in his hands. An hour of nothing but mindless beatings went by. She held her own against him and after it was over she 'rewarded' him with a kiss and let him buy her ice cream. They found a place away from the convention, waiting in line she was on his arm nuzzling him close. He finally noticed the cat tail that was connected to her dress by a ribbon that wrapped around her waist. Whenever she moved around it would twitch slightly.

"Cute tail."

"Thanks I made it at the last minute." For a second he thought he heard a purr come from her lips. He got their ice cream and found a place outside to sit.

"So why are you so attached to me?"

"I wouldn't call it that."


"All things must come to end eventually. Even this does. After the convention is over with I probably won't see you again." Matthew reached over and pulled her closer to her.

"Not true. We could always stay in contact try to meet up afterward. Where do you live?" She pointed to the right down the street.

"In that direction, near the ocean. What about you?"

"I live in the next city over."

"See, it's too far. And I don't know if I'm coming back."

"You wouldn't even come back to see me?" He joked. She just looked at him and stood up to walk away. "You have to leave?"

"Well, yes. I need to go back to my hotel right now."

"Can I at least get your number?" She stopped in her tracks and spun around.

"I guess you could." She crouched down and gave him her phone to type in. "Now, I really have to go." She yanked the phone away from him and walked off. After she was out of sight his phone buzzed, and he checked it for a message.

Message Received at 12:25 PM:


He texted her back.

Message Sent at 12:26 PM:


Message Received at 12:28 PM

Thank you for the ice cream. :-)

The next evening was the last night of the convention. There was no sign of Natalie anywhere for most of the day. No text or phone call came for Matthew either. She didn't appear until the last panel was over. He found her dressed in the outfit from the first day, standing in the corner by herself. He stood next to her and kissed her on the head.

"Why are you all by yourself?" He asked.

"Just felt like being alone for a little bit. This is the last night of this right?"


"So I'm guessing this is our last night together?"

"Does it have to be?"

"Yes unfortunately." He hugged her to his chest and stroked her hair.

"Can't we at least try? Just try?"

"For you, I guess I could." She sighed into him. "Can I stay the night in your room?"

"Sure why not. We can go now." They headed back to his room and immediately she dove into the bed and curled up under the blankets. "Already comfortable?" She nodded and beckoned him to join her underneath. They cuddled close together until she fell asleep soundly in his arms.

The next morning, he felt the emptiness next to him, and woke to see her already gone. No note or anything showing that she had been there. His roommates were fast asleep in their own beds by then but she was nowhere to be seen. Frantically he grabbed his phone and tried to call her.

For a few minutes the phone rang and rang but there only was one message left read out in a metallic computer voice:

"We're sorry. The number you have tried to reach has disconnected and is no longer available to receive your call. Please hang up and try again." And ended with a beep.