I want to say "Hi" to everyone who is reading this. Thanks so much for checking out my poem collection. I know some people think poems are really outdated or stuffy, but mine are pretty spontaneous and modern. Most, by which I mean 95%, of my poems are angsty. I rarely write happy stuff. I'm here for anyone who needs to talk. If you just want to rant or need advice or anything, just message me. And special thanks for all who review, follow, favorite, or message me. It means the world.

The Cycle Continues

Are we just a bunch of mechanical people

In a broken world with shattered windows

Cardboard cutouts of our former selves

Forcing smiles upon our mouths

I tell you I'm fine, which is really a lie

That everyone uses to close up and hide

I ask how you are, say that you're great

I can tell that you're not, though, your smile is fake

So I put on an act, and give them a show

The lines are all scripted, but no one will know

And I put on my mask, go play the part again

After years of pretending, you get really good at it

No one knows the real me, underneath all the stuff

But it's better this way, pretending's enough

Sometimes I don't even know which of me side is real

Sometimes I don't even know what it is that I feel

Only that this is what I do, how the world works

And despite what I say, my persona still lurks

- MF