This is really random, but I wanted to write a poem about a Ferris wheel. It didn't turn out as I expected…

Ferris Wheel

A circle,

Lit up by glittering lights

Spokes protruding

In all directions

Spinning, spinning

~ … ~

I clench your hand,

Refuse to let go

As we ride

High in the sky

Look out over the world

~ … ~

Faster, faster

The wind's in my hair

Spinning, spinning

I'm glad you are here

~ … ~

I topple,

Head over heels

Cotton candy

Still in my mouth

~ … ~

Spinning, spinning

I'm getting dizzy

I latch onto you

Refuse to let go

~ … ~

The Ferris wheel,

Such a pretty wheel

Spinning, toppling, flying

It's made of magic

~ … ~

Bright colors flash

My face lights up

I'm having the time of my life

On this glorious circle

~ … ~

I'm sitting next to you

Flying so high

All my troubles are gone

I throw my hands in the air

~ … ~

Spinning, spinning

For all to see

The Ferris wheel continues

Reminds people of Captain Hook's ship

~ … ~

The magic never stops

And, even when you disembark

The Ferris wheel

Never truly leaves your heart

I know it's strange, but, review? ~ MF