This one is for a certain friend.

The Things I Hate About You

I get attached, and then you shove me away

But, you don't know that you do

You're so naïve

You laugh when I'm upset

I think you're just trying to lighten the atmosphere

But, it hurts

A lot

And, half the time, you make me feel insecure

I don't know why

Maybe it's because

You don't say what I want you to say

What I NEED you to say

You ignore the biggest hints

You, "love me" but talk about HER


You make me laugh less than make me cry

Sometimes, you act like you never care

And, brush me off

And, I just wanna hit something


The worst thing

Is that you don't even SEE it

You don't see what you're doing

No matter how many hints I drop,

You just NEVER understand

I wish you'd just leave me alone!


Stop breaking my heart

Please review. ~ MF