I'm sorry, Becca. *cries*

I'm sorry

I didn't mean it

Well, maybe I did

But, I didn't mean to say it

But, you can only hide things for so long

Before they accidentally slip out

I'm sorry

I feel like you don't want me around anymore

You secretly hate me

And don't care about me one bit

So, you can stop lying about it


I'm sorry

You're just hurting me more this way

Shattering my heart

And, I don't care

You're doing me a favor

And, I don't even bother to pick up the pieces

They're better left out in the rain

Where they belong

Please don't feel bad

I hate it when you do

I love you too dang much

I'm sorry

Where did I go wrong?

Yeah, you're right

Too many times to list

You're better off without me

I'm sorry

I freaken hate myself, now

And, I don't even care if you do

It doesn't matter

I'm sorry

*hides forever and ever and ever*

Yeah, I know I'm an utter failure


That's nothing new

I hurt you too much

You hate me

I'm sorry

Don't even bother reviewing. ~ MF