I sat on the roof of my house, pondering over the girl I met in the coffee shop yesterday. Full of fire that one, almost ripped my shirt off by pulling it like a rubber band. I was practically flat on the wall, what with her screaming right into my ears. It all started like this, I was sitting with Rohan, a friend of mine and sipping some great coffee. All of a sudden this girl appeared because of her ultra hyper friend screaming her name in the background; I came to know her name was Zain. She caught my collar and started blaring obscenities at me.

"Who the hell do you think you are?"

"Bloody hell! Get your hands off of my shirt!"

"No I won't, not until you tell me why you cheated on my friend!"

"Who are you and who in hell is your friend?"

"Don't pretend like you don't know Sarah, you jerk. You are Sameer Shindey aren't you?"

"No I am not..."

"Don't you 'Oh-I-am-not' me! I know it's you who deceived my friend and ran away without a frigging word!"

"Look, you are honestly mistaken; get your frigging hands off of me!" I screamed at that little monster that still held onto me. Her friend came running towards her, eyes all bloody and teary. And I figured it was my friend Samrat who must have done this crappy thing. He is known for ditching girls after a month of dating, he calls it his mark of victory. This poor kid might be the twenty-fifth or something. And the worst part is when he uses our names to con these girls, I am so going to kill that bastard!

"Zain, it's not this guy, leave him. Don't overreact, everyone is staring!"

"You sent me a picture of this guy you dumbass!" That Zain girl yelled at her little friend.

"It was a stupid mistake, will you just let go of his shirt." She begged Zain and finally she did.

"I am sorry." She said coldly and that infuriated me even more. That puny brat pulled my collar and delivered a cold apology after that, I was going to whack the crap out of her, then and there. But I stopped myself and behaved like a matured person. I glared at her and walked out of there without a word. But if I did open my mouth, I would have not been able to control myself, probably would have blasted her off.

I liked her energy and courage, it was very attractive. I mean, it was all love for her dearest friend and she did not bother to listen to any excuses. Bloody dead keen on what she was doing and very defensive of her friend. I had rung Samrat and screwed his ears until they bled, in the end he did agree to apologize to that girl.