Nagira's Notes :D

Ohaiyo! I am Nagira, NOT AUTHOR. So what is this? A story about friendship, kindness, care, hope and other stuffs.

Wanna know why I'm here and not 'Author'? Well, she got sick of all the work and threw everything to me! This is the 3rd draft by the way, 'cause she said the others are 'TOO SERIOUS' and won't catch anyone's attention. But in the next story, I'll sneak in my awesome writing skills.

I hope you know these stories are a bunch of short stories (more like summaries) joint together. Author-chan said it was to get rid of the stress of writing too many stories etc and also 'cause her theme is humor blah blah and…


Title: Home To Return To

Theme: Hope, Friendship, Family, Kindness, Care

It is sad.

Aoi and Rei have been best friends since young, together all the time. It was as if they were twins and could never be separated. Together they give people a lot of trouble by playing pranks on them, like prank calling a friend, smacking random people's butt and placing fish outside of people's house. All these were possible since they lived in a small village.

Aoi lives with his mother and two younger siblings, Aki and Arata. His father had left home when he was young and even though he knows of this, his mother claimed it was because of work.

Rei lived with his two parents as the only child but his parents always quarrel over having a second child and eventually, they agreed to have another child.

One day, Rei broke the news to Aoi, saying he have an unknown incurable disease and even though his last wish was to see the city, his parents didn't allow him to, since they have another child to look after. Aoi didn't know what to do at first and Rei's case became bad to worst. From frequent fever, to vomiting blood and eventually, he lost his ability to walk.

Seeing how much his friend suffered, Aoi finally agreed to take his friend on an adventure to the city.

Eventually, Aoi finds out he got the incurable disease as well but he kept it to himself, and continued to help his friend. Then they run out of food source and somehow or another, someone stole Rei's wheelchair. Just as they reached the city, Rei dies. Aoi, desperate to find a hospital, was abandoned by his legs while he was on the staircase and he fell, hit his head and died as well.