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Chapter 1, A Missing Photograph

The feeling was real; she knew this was the culprit. This man, cold-hearted demon, was right in front of Aki. He was the one who had ruined her life, it was the gut feeling. Aki could never forgive such a man, no, a demon.

"Whoa! You've grown a lot since I last saw you. How old are you now?" the bearded old man asked Aki. His checkered jacket the covered his tattooed arms that could be seen a little at the sleeves of the jacket. Aki stood up and fished out a small dagger and placed it at his neck, showing that the only thing that interest her here was the information that this old man was hiding. She could not let her guard down either. Despite his looks, this man was one of those high ranked detective around here.

The other customers at the small inn started whispering among themselves. Aki took a peep at the corner of her eyes. Without warning, the dagger was knocked out of her hands. She took a step backwards; the old man gave a slight smirk. Aki tried to move, but she couldn't, she had been paralysed. It was true after all; the old man had been hiding millions of poisoned needles under his favourite checkered jacket.

"Why did you choose to become a 'detective' and join with us, who live as puppets in the dirt?" the old man questioned Aki, then he continued, "Was it out of revenge? Or because you have a special 'resistance', that power that demons posses?"

Aki sighed and walked out of the inn, picking up her dagger as she left.

"Wait! You have not answered my question!"

"Is it really that important? I am on my mission, if you do not help me, then I have no need to answer!"

The old man smiled to Aki.

'Irritating' Aki thought to herself.

The old man took out an envelope from his chest pocket and waved it in front of Aki's face. Aki glared at him, showing the fact that she wasn't happy. She reached her hands out and grabbed the envelope, which contained the clue for this mission.

"Revenge, probably," Aki said as she walked off, opening the envelope.

"With that attitude, you'll never have any friends!" The old man shouted back. 'Irritating' Aki thought once more.

Aki focused back on her mission. Inside the envelope, it was what seemed like a family photo, but the photo was actually the clue to finishing off this mission.

The photo showed a man and a woman standing next to a five year old girl. The little girl was found dead a few days ago near a river, her skin around her cheek's area was literally tore off her. Her light pink dress was wet, showing that she had been thrown into the river. Her right arm was swelling, unknowingly. Aki's mission was to find the girl's murderer and the man in the photo who was missing a left arm, her father, was the culprit. Anthony Gee, he is an 'infected', just like Aki, both of them have been bitten by a demon.

Aki stepped into the modest little home and looked around carefully, just in case the 'infected' pounced on her and silenced her just like he did to his own daughter. Aki fished out her dagger as she heard the sound of footsteps-Anthony was here.

"Ah. It's seems my identity has been found out," he said.

Aki turned to the man; his left arm was there, it was probably swelling and it seems to be glowing. Aki took a step back cautiously and glared at the man. Aki's eyes turned from its normal sapphire colour to a scarlet red colour.

Anthony then pointed his left arm at her and said, "I didn't have a left arm before, but a god came to me one day and gave it to me, along with a power, a power to inject poison into someone. He, he is my god!"

"He took away your sense of importance, he's a demon, not a god," Aki replied back.

"But it's the same for you, blind girl. A god gave you eyes, how can you go against him," Anthony gave a smirk.

"I was blind. The only way I could express my gratitude, joy and love was through happiness, but he took that away. This contract for a demon to give something important to a human, along with an inhuman power which is connected to what was given; everything has a 'but', this contract will work only if something is taken away and my happiness was taken away!" Aki exclaimed.

"If I knew this, I'd rather be blind!" Aki exclaimed at she dashed towards Anthony, who guarded himself with his bare hands.

Aki attacked his left arm, in order to defend herself, but was pushed away by Anthony. She dashed forward once more, aiming for his left arm. Anthony took a small step back and grabbed Aki's wrist, then threw her onto the ground. Aki fell hard onto the ground, twisting her right ankle. As she tried to hold in the pain, she stood up, her red eyes turning back into its original colour slowly. Anthony walked slowly towards Aki, who tried to control herself to run, but to no avail. She fell onto her left side and stared at Anthony; she was not defeated, not yet. Anthony was close enough now; he grabbed her foot and activated his power, infecting a poison into her leg.

"Don't worry, it works really slowly," he laughed.

"Yeah, don't worry, I'm not defeated yet either," Aki said as she pushed herself up and smirked, activating her own power. She stared into the brown haired man's eyes; her short black hair seemed to be moved on its own. Aki's eyes started to glow to a vivid red colour; she lost her smirk, which became a serious look.

As a few other detectives approached the house, they tried to calm the mother of this household, now a widow. She had lost her daughter, and now her husband, it was expected she would need time to accept that fact.

While that was happening, a few other detectives were carrying off a large piece of stone away, carved in a way that it looked a lot like the late Anthony Gee, no-it was Anthony, the statue was Anthony himself.

"Oi Aki!" a red haired boy shouted as he approached the girl with beautiful blue eyes.

At the moment she saw this man, a feeling told her he was worthless, so she turned away, rejecting the company of the boy.

The boy was named Raiden; he was one of the few detectives who were 'infected'. He is an idiot, an orphan who had no name. He allowed a demon to give him a name and a power, and then lost his ability to feel sad. Like how much Aki is jealous of him to be able to feel happiness, Raiden was also jealous that Aki was able to feel sad. And this idiot, he never makes use of his resistance unless he's on a mission, and with the fact that Aki never went on a mission with him included (more like she didn't want to), she doesn't know about his resistance.

"Oi Aki!" Raiden once again called out, speeding up this time.

"Aki," he patted her shoulder as he finally caught up with her, "Shin-ku… the head has given instructions on the next mission. And the best thing is, I'm going with you as a team mission."

Aki stood frozen, she wasn't pleased, or more like she couldn't be. But maybe, for a moment, this was the real unhappiness.