Chapter 1 - The Man they Call Creed

It was a dark night in the capital city of Giusepp in the Desolencia continent. The street lights were beautiful and cars passed by because it was a busy city at night. The night was cold further into the city and there was a mansion that stood inside one of the cores of the inner city. This was the Vitali mansion and it was the base of operations of the syndicate called the Vitali Family. They are the most notorious syndicate group in the whole of the Giusepp city and no other family could hold a candle up to them. The mansion had tall walls surrounding the perimeter so that no one could get inside. The only way that a person could get inside the mansion was through the front gate and the catch is that the gate was heavily guarded by the Guards of the Vitali.

The head of the family, Vincenzo Cesar La Vitalia, was notoriously known as the warlord in the city as well. His power stretched from controlling the drug and human trafficking trade relations, to the government officials in the Giussep city. To put it simply, he had the city at the palm of his hand. He appears to be a harmless old man on the outside world but do not be fooled. Despite the harmless look, he is a ruthless killer. He has killed his enemies back in the day to get to where he was today. He was untouchable in the city and was a threat to the "Republic".

In the outskirts of the mansion, there were two men talking on the rooftop of a building which was not too far from the mansion. They were both dressed in dark cloaks. It seemed that they were plotting something.

"Are you ready?" One of the two cloaked men said

"I am," the other one replied.

"Vincenzo La Vitalia is a threat to the Republic and the ORGANIZATION. You must eliminate him immediately," he replied

The man removed the cloak that he was wearing and his real self was now seen. He wore a battle suit which was black in color. The suit itself was fastened with pockets in order to keep the assassin's extra magazines for his guns. He had pistols at each hip highlighting his fondness of using guns in battle. His face was still covered with a mask in order to keep the secrecy of his identity.

"You know how important this assignment is." The cloaked man said.

"I know. It's for the Republic's benefit. He is a threat as you said." the Assassin replied.

"Don't let your guard down. These men are quite capable of killing you." the cloaked man replied.

"I'm sure they are." The Assassin said.

The cloaked man looked at the assassin. He felt that something was wrong due to the aura that the assassin had emulated. He began to ask him.

"What's wrong?"

"This is my last mission for the Organization, after this I will have no more ties with them or you." The Assassin replied.

"King wouldn't want to hear that from you." The cloaked man said.

"I'm serious. I'm quitting. I've seen enough killing." The Assassin replied as he now moved to sneak into the mansion.

"You're making a wrong move..." The Cloaked man said as he faded away.

The Assassin now was sneaking on the outskirts of Vitali's mansion. He noticed that the height of the wall was of jumping distance so he jumped over the wall with ease. He was in luck because there were few sentries posted on where he was located.

"The central rooms. The main mansion itself. That's where the Don is." The Assassin thought to himself.

He ran with speed and swiftness to get to his goal. He was silent and no one noticed that he was there. He was able to sneak pass the guards and he now reached the entrance to the main house. He noticed that there was no one guarding the doors and it was like they were letting him in on purpose.

"Must be a trap." The Assassin said.

Then he noticed a surveillance camera above him. He was spotted and it began alerting the Mafia guards outside the mansion. He knew now that he was going to be surrounded. He tried to hide but it was too late to find a hiding spot because he was now surrounded by Vitali's henchmen.

"Who are you?!" One of the men asked.

The assassin did not answer.

"Not answering huh?! FIRE AT HIM."

As they were going to fire at him they noticed that he disappeared in front of them. The men we're baffled on how did that happen and then they noticed something with tremendous speed was heading towards them. It was shooting bullets with high precision which hit the vital parts of Vitali's men. It was the assassin.

"He's fast!" one of the men said.

The Assassin finally slowed down and eventually stopped. Majority of the Vitali Guards that we're surrounding him have fallen to the ground now, dead. Only a few of them are left. He looked at them to instill fear in their souls and he finally removed his facemask. After he removed his facemask, they were baffled at what they saw. The man's face looked ruthless and uncaring. He had a scar on his left cheek and he also wore an eye patch over his left eye implying that he lost his eye long ago. He also had a prosthetic steel arm.

"No! It can't be!" one of the Vitali Guards said.

They we're familiar with him, because what struck them most was the look on his eye. The ruthless look of his eye that carried no empathy for his victims whatsoever. The man who was a ruthless killer and only focused on the mission. The infamous gunslinger assassin in the ORGANIZATION, Creed.

"It's him! The Republic's most feared assassin, the legendary Creed!" one of the men said as he was backing away from Creed.

Creed looked at them with no mercy and he again disappeared because of his speed. He stopped infront of the men and he killed them with only two shots from his .45 caliber pistol. Now only one man was left.

"Holy shit... So this is Creed..." the remaining guard said.

He pointed his assault carbine rifle at Creed and began shooting him. Creed noticed that he was firing and he evaded all the bullets that came from the carbine rifle. ThegGuard shot him again and this time he deflected the bullet with the body of his handgun. The guard now ran out of ammo and he was helpless in front of the legendary assassin.

"No the hell did you do that?!" The guard shouted in fear.

"My gun, is no ordinary weapon. The metal itself was made from one of the strongest metals in the world, Adamantine. The make of this gun combined with my skill of seeing bullet trajectories makes me very difficult to hurt with conventional ammunition and shells." Creed said as he now pointed his gun at the last man.

"P-p-p-please... don't kill me! I'll do anything!" The man begged.

"Open this door and I might think about it." Creed said coldly

The remaining Vitali guard opened the door for Creed and he went back to kneel in front of him.

"There! I opened the door and even shut off some surveillance cameras for ya! You won't kill me right?" the man said nervously.

Creed pointed his .45 Caliber pistol at the head of the guard and shot him dead.

"I lied." Creed said as he now proceeded to the central rooms of the Vitali Mansion.

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