Chapter 29 - Siege of Etto (Part 1)

It was getting dark in the desert in the outskirts of Traispe as the Resistance trucks moved on to their destination. The wind was also blowing a bit strong in the sandy plains of Traispe region. The trucks were moving fast and the people inside of the vehicles are now feeling the anxiety of the mission ahead of them. They were going to attack and reclaim Etto city to put a dent in the Grand Kaiser's plan of conquering the whole continent. They knew in their hearts and minds that they cannot allow the fulfillment of The Grand Kaiser's mission, so they had to do their job and stop him at any cost.

Inside one of the trucks was the trio of Creed, Jade and Jephtah. They were focused as well because they knew that they cannot fail. Jade was arranging her arrows inside their case and she folded her bow and put it down near her leg. Jephtah was polishing his metal knuckles, he knew he was going to get a chance to beat Republic Soldiers to a pulp with those fists of his so he was making sure that they give them all shiners on their eyes. Creed was smoking a cigarette while loading his magazines with bullets for his Adamantine .45 caliber pistol. After he had loaded his magazines, he had put them in the pockets of his belt which held his magazines. He put one inside his gun and cocked it and put in safety mode at first.

"Seven rounds in each mag." Creed thought to himself.

Of all the people in the resistance, he was the one who felt the most pressure because he knew that they were fighting the most powerful man in the continent and if possible, the whole world. Grand Kaiser had thousands of soldiers under his command plus the Disciples whom were elite warriors of the Republic. Creed had to fight them all. He knew that he had to stop the Grand Kaiser at all costs.

"I have to fulfill her last will." he thought to himself once more.

Jade was looking at Creed while he prepared his bullets. She felt that he was under a lot of pressure because he was fighting his former comrades. They knew his weakness so she feared for him. She could not handle what had happened before to him, what Feiryon did to him.

"He's been through a lot. I can't believe that he will now confront the same thing that he had run away from." Jade thought to herself.

She looked at him more and examined his entirety. The eye-patch, the metal left arm, the look on his eye. He looked fierce and focused. She had to be strong too in order not to worry him. Creed already has enough on his hands and she would hate it if she became a burden to him.

"How much longer till we get back to the city?" Jephtah had asked Leio who was in the driver's seat.

"Not long now! The outskirts of the city are already in sight." he had replied to him.

Creed stood up in the truck and went closer to the rear door of the truck. Jephtah and Jade took notice of this and they were curious why he stood up. Creed however did not notice them. He had a look of intensity in his brown eyes and his aura was different.

"Where are you going? We're not stopping yet." Jade had said to him.

"I'm going up the roof of this truck. We have to go separate ways as it was stated in the plan remember?" he replied to her.

"But, we haven't reached the city yet." she replied to him.

"No he's right. He has to be ahead of us for he's the one they are expecting. I've already instructed the other trucks to enter using the south side of the city." Leio had said.

As they now got closer to Etto city, 6 of the 8 trucks have already dispersed and have already pushed forward towards the east and west perimeters of the city. They sped up fast in order to take the south side of the city, meanwhile two trucks remained to get the attention of the main guard towers present in Etto city. Creed had gotten out of the passenger side of the truck and climbed on the roof of the truck. He stood on top of the truck as the wind blew on his face. He threw away the cigarette he was smoking and he now got out his Adamantine pistol.

"This is it." he thought to himself.

There were now only two trucks on the northern section of Etto city. They were the squads of Leio, Jade and Jephtah. Creed had to go in solo for he was the one experienced with sneaking missions. He was entrusted to get in the western side city hall in order to stop the Grand Kaiser.




Meanwhile in Etto city, the Republic Soldiers were on the look out for anything suspicious. The soldiers always kept their guard up in order for the Republic to retain control of the city. They were positive that no one would be in their right mind to challenge the power of the Grand Kaiser so they had confidence taht no one would dare rebel against them anymore, especially after they had drove out the local police force and the resistance members in the city, but they had another thing coming.

One of the soldiers had seen two trucks with the insignia of the Resistance on their hoods making their way towards the city. One of the trucks had someone standing on the roof. They had looked closer and saw that it was the former second in command of the Grand Kaiser.

"We have to tell the Grand Kaiser about this!" the soldier had said to his comrade.

"Tell what king about what?" a voice had said. The soldiers had looked behind them and saw Icarus standing right there. He went near the scope and saw an old friend.

"Creed." he said out loud.

"What do we do sir?" the soldiers asked him.

Icarus pulled out his phone and dialed Nero's number. The phone rang a few times until it has been answered by Nero.

"What?" Nero had asked.

"You were right. He's on his way here right now with two trucks filled with Resistance Militia." Icarus had replied.

"Have you instructed your men to cover the south side?" Nero had replied.

"No. Just let them in, they're just small fry." Icarus had replied.

"Icarus get serious." Nero had said.

"Relax hot head, I'll take them all out myself." Icarus had replied as he hung up on Nero.

"Now listen here, fire at them at all costs. No one gets through this north gate are we clear?" Icarus had said to the soldiers.

"Yes sir!" the soldiers had replied has they got to their positions to hold the guns present in the tower.

"That's what I like to hear." Icarus had replied as he went inside the elevator present in the tower.

"The leader has ordered to fire at them!" one of the soldiers screamed to his communicator for the rest of the soldiers on the other to hear.

The Republic soldiers did as they were told and now they began firing the guns present in the tower in order to put a stop at the assault of the Resistance trucks approaching the northern entrance.




"They're firing at us!" Jephtah had said as they ducked and covered themselves. They were still in the truck of course but that wasn't enough to protect them from the high end ammunition that the Republic Soldiers have got. Creed was still on top of the truck and he was deflecting the bullets that we're being fired at him with his Adamantine pistol. His reflexes were fast as he deflected each bullet that came his way. The trucks were now getting closer to the entrance and Leio maneuvered it perfectly with out stopping. There were soldiers present near the gates and Leio had ran over them with ease.

"Break through now!" Creed had shouted at Leio.

And he did as he was told. Both of the trucks broke through the barriers set up on the north gate. Creed had jumped away from the roof of the truck and he now engaged in combat with the Republic Soldiers. The soldiers with guns fired at him, but he deflected their bullets with his Adamantine .45 pistol. They were attacking him from all sides but it was no use. He had evaded all their attacks whether melee or bullets and had knocked out the soldiers that were in his way.

"I have to make my way to city hall, no time for small fries." he had said as he went ahead of the group in order to get to city hall before The Grand Kaiser escapes.

"Go, go, go!" Jephtah had instructed as he, Jade, and the resistance soldiers had gotten out of their trucks in order to engage in combat as well. The Resistance Soldiers were armed with M4 Carbine Assault Rifles and they fired towards the Republic soldiers. Some fell down, but some were faster than others. They got near some Resistance members and killed them with knives.

"Ahhhh!" one soldier screamed as he fell to the ground dead.

Jephtah was engaging the knife wielding soldiers. He disarmed one and knocked out another one. He evaded their strikes and countered with strikes of his own knocking a good number of the out. Jade also was fighting with her bow and arrow from a safe vantage point. She was firing at the soldiers in order to incapacitate them with her paralysis coated arrows. Having success with her shots, she attempted to get closer to find a new vantage point, but as she was firing her arrows, a Republic Knife Wielding soldier attempted to stab her.

"What the?!" she had said and she braced herself for some pain, but in an instant she saw the soldier fell to the ground.

It was Leio, he had struck down the soldier with his broad sword in order to save Jade's life.

"You should be more careful." Leio had said to her as he gave her a hand in getting up.

"Thanks." Jade had said as they both now ran with their squads to catch up with Jephtah.

"We have to retake RFI territory at all costs!" Jephtah said to Jade.

The three of them had reached an intersection in the roads. Each of them had their own squads with Resistance soldiers. They had seen a road sign that says that the RFI is in eastern section of the intersection and city hall was in the western section. Jade had noticed that Creed was not with them anymore, and she had the urge to ask Leio where he was.

"Where's Creed?" Jade had asked him.

"He already went ahead of us. Probably took a short cut to city hall because he knows that he cannot let The Grand Kaiser escape again." Leio had replied.

"Looks like this is where we part ways man. Take your squad and proceed as planned. Follow Creed into the city hall and make sure he's safe." Jephtah had commanded to him.

"Okay. You guys retake RFI territory and make sure no one slips through." Leio had said. "Come! To city hall!" he commanded his troops as they went westward.

Jade and Jephtah were now running towards the RFI territory and as soon as they got there, they had seen many sentries posted on the outskirts of the RFI headquarters. Their squad was highly outnumbered by the sentries posted in the territory and their task was to retake this territory. The RFI building was now abandoned, but it still served as a land mark in the city and it had a vast territory, so if they bring it under Resistance control it would give them a strong hold durable enough to withstand waves of Republic attack. Plus there were still supplies inside the RFI building which can actually beneficial for the two Resistance Squads.

"We have to take them all out, no excuses." Jephtah had told all of the soldiers under his and Jade's command.

"No prisoners." one of the soldiers said coldly. He stood out from the rest of the resistance men due to him not wearing the signature head gear. He instead preferred to let his light brown hair spike up like pineapple leaves. He had yellow eyes and he was armed with dual knives unlike rest of the troops.

"I like your attitude. You got a name?" Jephtah asked him.

"Lucian." he replied coldly. "I'll draw fire don't worry." he added as he stood up.

"Are you sure?" Jade had asked him.

"I can manage." Lucian replied coldly

"Be careful." she instructed him.

Lucian had now began to move in a fast manner and the republic soldiers that were posted in RFI territory took notice of this. They tried to stop him by firing from their assault rifles, but he deflected the bullets with his two knives and as soon as he reached them he began to kill them one by one. Jephtah followed Lucian's lead and he too began attacking the knife equipped soldiers and he knocked them out one by one.

"Charge!" one of the resistance soldiers had said as they began firing their assault rifles to kill the Republic troops.

"Cover Lucian and Jephtah!" Jade had said as she too was firing arrows with rapid succession towards the republic soldiers.

Republic Soldiers fell one by one and the ones who were still alive tried to call reinforcements. Lucian and Jephtah were still on the front lines fighting off the remaining troops. The Resistance were having success against the Republic soldiers that were posted in the RFI territory, and the Republic soldiers were forced to use their trump card which was hidden inside the RFI building. In an instant, huge armored republic troops appeared in front of the Resistance troops and began to retaliate against them. The armored troops began shooting bullets at the infantry men of the resistance and killed some of them. The remaining Resistance soldiers began to fall back.

"Armored troops!" Jephtah had said to Lucian.

"On it." Lucian said as he rushed at the four armored troops that were in the vicinity. Jephtah followed his lead once again and sped up his movements as well.

"Give me a boost." Jephtah commanded Lucian as he stopped rushing and knelt down on one knee. He used Lucian's knee as leverage and he jumped high in the air.

"JADE! SONIC SHOT NOW!" Jephtah screamed at her and immediately she understood what he meant.

"You got it!" Jade had said as he shot him with an explosive sonic arrow. The arrow was fast but Jephtah caught it in mid-air and held on it as he began to fall to the ground. He held the arrow on his right hand and immediately he began to push his fist forward so that when he lands, the impact of his fist will be a huge explosion on the ground.

"EXPLOSION! AAAHHHHHH!" Jephtah said as he punched the ground when he landed and it set of a huge explosion that engulfed the four armored troops in its flames.

"Jephtah!" Lucian had said as he noticed someone walking out of the flames. It was the maroon haired man. He had survived the explosion and he had a smile on his face as he walked closer to the Resistance soldiers.

"That was amazing!" one soldier said.

"Well, all in the days work." Jephtah said as he rubbed dust off his shoulder.

"Let's never use that technique again okay?" Jade had said to him.

"Agreed." Jephtah said as he looked around the RFI vicinity. It was cleared of the Republic soldiers now so he commanded the rest of the troops to set up defenses as they knew that the Republic will send reinforcements in their territory.

"How many did we lose?" Lucian had asked one of the resistance soldiers.

"We lost 3 and the rest of them are injured but they can still fight." the soldier replied.

"Go inside the RFI HQ and look for supplies, I'll stay here with Jephtah and Jade in case they need me." Lucian had said to them and they went inside the building.

Just as Jade and Jephtah were calming down from the struggle, they were attacked with an electric chain clip, but fortunately both of them were able to evade it. They looked at where the projectile had come from and they saw two people behind them. They both wore identical battle suits to each other with the insignia of the Republic on one shoulder and the insignia of the 12 Disciples on the other.

"Oops, sorry my bad." the female one had said. "I guess I should be more careful right, Vaughn?" she had said to the man beside her.

"I guess. So our former leader now hangs out with the likes of you? He has changed." Vaughn had said. "He indeed is a disgrace to us now, Vexen." he had said to his partner.

"So you were Creed's henchmen before right?" Jephtah had said smugly.

"I'll kill you for saying that." Vaughn had replied.

"I dare you try." Jephtah had replied as he was now in his fighting stance.

"Nope you'll be fighting the both of us." Vexen had interrupted the two of them as she prepared her electric whip.

"So it's 2 on 2? You're on!" Jade had said as she pointed her bow at Vexen.

"You guys are no match for the Disciples." Vaughn had said confidently as he prepared his dual kodachi blades.

"Less talking, and MORE FIGHTING!" Jephtah said as he and Jade began to rush at the two disciple members.




Leio had wondered if the Resistance troops based on the southern end of the city had made it on their own. He and his squad were still running towards city hall. He got his communicator and called one of the troop heads of the southern squad.

"Are you guys okay there? Can you here me?" Leio had said. The static of the communicator roared for a while but eventually he got a response.

"Yeah we made it smoothly, but it's kinda weird. It was like there was no sentry posted in the southern sector on purpose. We're actually nearing city hall now." one of the resistance commanders had said.

"Strange, but still we could use that to our advantage. Our rendezvous point is in the eastern outskirts of city hall, we'll meet you there." Leio had replied.

"Roger that." the resistance commander had said as he turned off the communicator.

Eventually, Leio's squad had made it in to city hall and they were now making their way towards the eastern outskirts. They made it there and they noticed that many trucks were also making their way in the eastern outskirts. The southern squad had made it the same time as Leio's squad. He breathed a sigh of relief because they might actually have a chance to retake Etto city.

The eastern outskirts was a huge vacant place which can house every troop in the resistance present there. If they could, they would've used the eastern outskirts as a campsite for their troops but there was no time for that because their plan of taking back Etto city was already in motion. All they need to do now is wait for Creed to call Leio in his communicator to update him if he had snuck inside city hall already. They had to wait because as Creed had informed them, Feiryon was expecting him in the western gates of city hall.

"So we have to wait for Creed's call?" one of the soldiers had asked Leio.

"Yes. After that, we can move in and subdue the Grand Kaiser." he replied to the soldier.

"I'm not so sure you can do that." a voice had said from far away.

"Who goes there?!" Leio had said as all of the Resistance soldier pointed their assault rifles to where the sound had come from.

On the edge of the eastern outskirts, there walked two men, one of them had familiar blue hair and a long coat. The other had a balaclava as a head gear and a blindfold to cover his eyes. He was equipped with a katana, while the blue haired man was equipped with a familiar set of cards. It was Icarus and Nero and they now walked towards the numerous resistance troops confidently.

Leio drew his sword and moved forward to them and said. "Give it up, you're only two people! We have you outnumbered!"

"Make us." Icarus had replied.

"So this is the famous Resistance leader Leio? He doesn't look much of a threat to me." Nero had said.

"So, you must be Nero. The new second in command of the Republic." Leio had said.

Nero did not reply, but instead he had disappeared in front of them. Leio wondered where he went and now Nero had reappeared to the Resistance troops and he began to kill every single one of them. The rest of the resistance soldiers fired their assault rifles at Nero but he had stopped the bullets with his pyrokinesis before they even made impact. He then proceeded to kill the resistance soldiers with his katana. Some attempted to attack him using Melee weapons such as knives but Nero was too fast for them. He read their moves perfectly as he evaded them and in return he began killing the majority of the resistance soldiers present with accurate slashes from his sword. The number of the Resistance soldiers dwindled until there were only three left. The three soldiers still had some ammunition and fired at Nero but again it had no effect as he had stopped the bullets again. He now rushed at the three soldiers and killed them with one swipe of his blade. Now only Leio was standing and he had seen hundreds of dead bodies around him.

"He wiped out an entire unit...all by himself..." Leio said in fear.

"He's better than Creed!" he thought to himself.

"You see, Nero here's got pyrokinesis so bullets won't hurt him. He can make them stop by using the fire ignited by gunpowder inside the bullets just at the right time and this destroys the bullets in the process." Icarus explained to him.

"Icarus, you kill this man. I'm going back to check on King." Nero had said as he sheathed his sword.

"Okay boss." Icarus said as he prepared his deck of cards. He looked at Leio now who was in fear of his life because he had never known that the Disciples were this strong.

"Wanna know what I can do?" Icarus asked as he looked at Leio with an intent to kill him.




Creed was now in the western gate of city hall. The coast was clear, but he did not let his guard down, not one bit, for he knew that Feiryon had been expecting him to be there. He went near the main gate of city hall, but as he was about to open it to get inside, he had heard a voice which belonged to the man that had put him in a fear grip.

"So you are alive, you're stronger than I thought." Feiryon had said.

He turned around and saw the masked man. His red eyes still stood out and his long hair was still as black as the darkness that had surrounded him. He was the one who could kill without even touching a person. The strongest psychic of the republic and he was the person who almost had killed Creed.

"You underestimated me, for that you'll pay." Creed had replied to him.

"You seem determined and at the same time, stronger." Feiryon had replied. "What keeps you going hmm? Is it the girl? Or her will?" he had asked him.

Creed did not answer him.

"Cold, emotionless and ruthless. Is the real you finally coming back? Have you now accepted that you have been living a facade since you have left us?"

He still did not get an answer and he now noticed that Creed was beginning to have the look that he had two years ago. The look of the ruthless killer.

"Finally! This is the fight that I have been looking for and this time, I will end you permanently!" Feiryon had said in excitement.

Creed had disappeared from his sights and in an instant he had reappeared behind him. He pointed his gun towards the psychic and he had said.

"No, this time I will be the one to end you.. Permanently."

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