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A flash of lightning illuminated the Creature's wet fur. The pouring rain soaked it further as it moved in for the kill. A terrified girl trapped in a corner with no escape except facing the beast.

The girl could not see the Creature clearly because of the darkness that surrounded them, but she could see its fangs and claws glistening in the moonlight. Fangs and claws that could tear through flesh as easily as a knife cuts through butter.

Against the beast, the petrified girl had no defense. She was only six, which meant that she was not fast enough to slip past it, or Strong enough to keep it at bay. She didn't even have a weapon. But what did it matter? It had just killed everyone. So whether she had a weapon or not did not affect the situation. There was no doubt that the young girl would die. The situation was hopeless.

So the young girl did the only thing she could. She waited for the death that she knew was to come. Although she was absolutely terrified, she decided to be strong in her last moments. She stood tall, shut her eyes tight, and waited for the Creature to kill her.

The Creature crouched down for a pounce. It had her, and it knew it. Blood lust raged in its eyes as it prepared to pounce on and kill the girl. But something held it back. Curiosity. This child did not smell like the others. Nor did she act like them. She did not cower in fear as the others did. Instead she was prepared for her death. The Creature could sense her fear, yet she stood bravely in front of what was to be the death of her. In that moment, the Creature gained respect for the child. Not only that, but the Creature had to know why the child was different. It had to know why it suddenly had the feeling of utmost respect for her. So, the creature made a decision. The Creature was going to keep the child. At least until its curiosity was put to rest. In an effort to show its respect and sudden change of heart, the creature bowed its head to the child in a display of both respect and surrender.

The child, unaware of this unheard of display, was still standing tall with her eyes shut tight waiting for death. It wasn't until the Creature whimpered in order to get her attention that she opened her eyes and realized that she wasn't going to die.

The girl, uncertain of how to respond to such an act, took a small, cautious step toward the Creature. The Creature, in reply, stepped forward and gently licked the child fingertips. The child, delighted to have made a new friend, giggled and scratched behind one of the Creatures gigantic wolf-like ears, already forgetting the horrific scene she had witnessed only moments before. The scene of a brutal massacre. A look of pure joy and excitement took over her face as the Creature crouched down in an offer to climb upon its back.

The child climbed up, ignoring the crimson blood stains in the Creature's dark fur. When the child had settled, the Creature took off at full speed toward its den where it had decided to keep the child.

The child was clearly different from the rest of the cowardly humans the Creature had just enjoyed ripping to pieces. Even after she had witnessed the horrifying scene of the Creature's massacre, she had faced what was sure to be the death of her with courage.

This is what kept the Creature from enjoying the taste of her flesh and the sound of her agonized screams as it did with the others. The child was different. And the Creature now realized that the child not only acted different, but that her scent suggested she wasn't even human. Her scent was that of a fellow Creature. But she looked and sounded human. How was this possible?

The curiosity of the Creature is why it had let the child live. The Creature needed to know exactly what the child was and the Creature would stop at nothing to find out.


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