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Lightning flashed, illuminating the creature's blood soaked fur. The fading moans and whimpers of its victims were barely audible over the pouring rain. Its hunt was a success.

Only moments before the village had been celebrating a very prosperous harvest, overjoyed with the amount of food they would have stored for the wintery months to come. And then the creature had come. Now the village lay in ruin. The roofs of many houses were caved in, walls permanently etched with deep gashes from razor sharp claws. Mangled and beaten bodies lay scattered on the ground, the crimson blood from their wounds soaking into the dirt. The decorations and food from the great feast were lying on the ground, anything edible now completely ruined. Not that it mattered; no one was left to enjoy it anyway. The creature had killed everyone, just as it had set out to do.

Or, so it had though.

A faint whimper echoed from a small ally way and the creature's head whipped around to face it. Had someone escaped? It made its way over to the ally, peering inside for the source of the sound.

There, in the corner, was a small child. It was a girl, around six years old. Blood soaked her small ratty dress and matted blonde hair. Her crystal blue eyes were filled with tears and her pale skin was spotted with light freckles. When she spotted the creature, she pushed herself back into the corner, desperately trying to make herself as invisible as possible.

But, of course, it didn't work.

The creature's powerful muscled rippled beneath its fur as it made its way over to the small child, lips curled back to reveal its bared fangs and a low growl rumbling deep in its throat. And that was when the child did something completely unexpected.

Instead of cowering in fear or screaming for mercy as the others had done, she stood up, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. She didn't try to run, she didn't try to fight. No, she just stood there, completely acceptant of her fate.

Now this confused the creature. Why didn't the girl run? Was there something wrong with her?

The girl stood for a shot while longer before opening her eyes slightly to look at the creature. Why wasn't she dead yet? It had killed all the others; she had watched it do it herself. So what exactly was it waiting for?

The creature sniffed the girl, nose wrinkling slightly. She wasn't like the others after all. Her scent wasn't even human. Normally the creature would have killed her anyway, but this girl smelled like a fellow creature. That definitely wasn't normal.

Now the creature had two choices. It could kill the girl now as it had planned, or it could spare her in hopes to satisfy its curiosity.

In the end its curiosity won out and it bowed its head down to her level, looking her in the eyes. Piercing silver met a soft blue and they both just sat there for a minute, looking at each other. After a while the small girl smiled and reached out to pet the creature.

Normally the creature would have killed her for trying such a thing. A human, touch it? No, it was unheard of. But just this once it would make an exception for the brave little girl.

She gently stroked the side of its head, ignoring the blood that rubbed off on her fingers. Her smile broadened when it made no attempt to stop her and she stepped a bit closer.

The creature observed the child, trying to think of a way that it could keep an eye on her. It couldn't stay with her; it was much too big and would certainly be noticed by the other humans. But, maybe she could stay with it. If it kept her in the same way humans kept pets, it would not only be able to keep a very close eye on her but also keep others from hurting her. It wouldn't like to lose its prize after all of this.

Ignoring her shout of surprise, the creature bit the back of her dress and picked her up, its strong jaws keeping a hold of her dress collar. Now to take its new pet home with it.

The girl didn't struggle as expected, but simply let herself be carried. She seemed to understand that the creature meant her no harm (at least not at the moment) and stayed perfectly still.

Now that the creature had its prize, it could go home. And now it would stop at nothing to find out exactly what the child was.

Even if it killed it.


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