Dear person I hate,

Where in life would I be without you?

You point out my flaws;

You beat me when I'm down.

You're the reason for the depression

That I used to suffer through.

But then a light came to my eyes,

And I saw that my life is not so bad,

Even with you controlling it.

So thank you, dear person I hate,

For without you, I would not

Be the same strong person I am.

Dear person I like,

Well, there are many of you,

And I wouldn't have all that happy of a life without you.

So thank you for being there,

And thank you for bringing my spirits up.

Dear ex boyfriend,

We started as close friends,

Then we began dating.

Though you broke my heart,

I cannot bring myself to hate you.

We did not know each other enough,

And that I can understand.

I will not hold you responsible

For the mistakes I have made in the past.

You helped me see that the world is not always in my favor,

And you helped me learn that I am too young

To know what my heart truly feels.

But thank you for being there for me,

Because you brought me closer to finding my future happiness.

Dear ex best friend,

What has happened between us?

I wonder if you ask yourself that same question.

I wonder if you still recall the days of our childhood;

Summers spent swimming and playing in our backyards,

Winters spent ice skating, having snowball fights and making snow angels,

Autumns spent dancing in the leaves and diving in gigantic leaf piles.

I wonder if you regret our past.

I wonder if you remember our joy.

I once again thank you

For each and every moment we spent enjoying our lives.

Dear best friend,

Where to begin…

We met when we were younger,

And we've remained friends for many years now.

You pick me up when I've been pushed.

You heal the wounds inflicted on me by society.

You're the soothing hot chocolate when my heart is aching.

You warm me with joy and happiness that I wish everyone could feel.

I thank you for being there for me for so long,

For I might have gone mad if I did not have a friend like you.

We joke, we laugh, we cry, we fight, we shout, we scream

We do everything together.

I could never feel closer to another single soul.

Dear anyone,

Do you listen to me?

Do you ever hear my cries of sorrow

Or my tears of joy?

Do you ever hear my words of wisdom

Or my words of idiocy?

Do you ever wish to listen to my side of the story?

Most do not know that there are two sides to every story,

And every story you have encountered has a dark side and a light.

Society today listens to the dark side,

And takes it for granted and uses it for darkness.

Society, listen for once.

Do you ever hear a teenage girl's cry for help when she is bullied?

Do you ever hear a child's cry when he or she is beaten?

Kicked to the curb and left to die inside?

Society believes that everything is done for attention,

But what if that one life you are judging needs it?

Pay attention for once, anyone who is listening,

And you will see that everyone is not as bad

As you make them seem.

Dear future me,

How is life after the supposed "apocalypse"?

Is it nice and bright and happy?

Is my future a happy one,

Or do I cry out for food?

How are the kids? Are they well?

And the husband as well?

Do they treat you well?

Do they respect you enough?

Do you have a job that supports both you and your family?

How is the presidency? Do we have a good leader for once?

Is the war against terrorism finally over?

Say, how was that trip to Italy that you always dreamed of taking?

And what about that trip to Ireland?

I know you always talked of going there.

I hope that the life I live,

Turns into the life that I am hoping you have.

Dear past me,

Forgive the mistakes.

Forgive the horror.

Forgive the idiots.

Just forget everything.

When you get to my age, you life will be a happy one.

You'll enjoy your life and everyone in it,

And never take anything for granted.

Do well in Chemistry, and other subjects as well.

Oh, and don't ever take your ipod out in class,

Because you just may never see it again.

Even if it is just once, don't do it.

Respect each and everyone around you,

Because one day, you may have a better life

Than those who put you down.

Dear person I'm jealous of,

You do not exist at this very moment in time,

Though one day, we may be meeting.

I want to thank you ahead of time for making me jealous,

For you are part of the reason for my determination.

You give me the strength to go on in life,

In hopes of one day having what you have.

So when I meet you,

I will face you with a strong being.

Dear person I have a crush on,

Rumors have been heard,

And they make me wonder:

Is it true that you may be turning your attention to me?

You're sweet, but sometimes rude.

You're funny, but sometimes boring.

You're kind, but sometimes selfish.

You're great, but sometimes full of yourself.

We're two of a kind, or so it seems.

Your mind thinks like mine,

And my taste in music follows yours.

But does it take too much to just notice me a little?

You see me, you speak to me, you sometimes give me looks

That give me the slightest bit of hope.

I hope one day, you'll give me a chance,

But for now, I shall admire you and your greatness from afar.

Dear reader,

Are you ever thankful for anything?

Are you grateful for the things that life has given you?

Are you strengthened by a person you hate?

Are you brought into light by a person you like?

Do you accept your mistakes with an ex boyfriend?

Do you miss the times with your ex best friend?

Do you have the happiest of friendships with your closest best friend?

Are you pushed to the ground while society laughs in your face?

Do you dream of a happy future?

Do you forgive your mistakes in the past?

Are you pressing on because of the person you envy?

Are you ignored by the person you crush on?

Life is not simple,

But without each and every aspect of it,

Life would not be enjoyable.

So tell me, are you grateful for everything you've done?

Well, are you?