Communist Curriculum

Back when you were small

It seemed like you could have it all

Be a vet, be a baker

Be an artist or shoemaker

The choices had no limit

You could reach for the stars

But now you're older, wait a minute

Don't let your imagination get too far!

Mark college on you test

Don't pick undecided, lest

You look a fool without a future

Mustn't let you even nurture

The thought of passing up

A big fat scholarship

Even if you hate the field

Life's unfair, you have to yield

The possibility

You won't get to become what you want to be

Do you really think your teacher thought

You'd make the perfect astronaut?

Well honey, NASA's shut down

And you haven't got a crown

So you better stop complaining

Time to start your training

For your apron string future to start