A 3 day old crushed by

the carelessness of a parent.

Placed on her stomach as she slept,

fate cut her string of life with

it's cleaver, like a chef chopping

a roll of sushi. Her mother missed

the chance for a loving scolding,

To say things like "no, no I'm not

having any of that" when the

child would misbehave. No checking

for monsters under her bed even

though she knows there are none because

they "sleep in your head." The little girl

would never be able to run

and jump with excitement or to debate

with her mom about just one more cookie.

"Now it's on to the W's" to

find where little Ann Elizabeth

Winters lies. The grave kept clean by

the family who cherished her, who left

one last present dangling on the

tombstone, a silver and gold key necklace

engraved with the words "I will be loved."