Dear Diary,

I just got you today. I've never really had a diary, so I'm not 100% sure of what to write. I'll just start out describing myself. My name is Ava Stevens and I'm in the eighth grade. I live in New York City and go to a hideous public school. I'm freakishly pale with dark brown hair and scary green eyes.

I'm not very pretty... Well, I'm actually not pretty at all. What irks me a tad is that I'm the one in my family who is ugly. I'm the only one who has glasses and my parents won't let me get contacts. I have zero friends. All the guys won't hang out with me, because I'm ugly, and all the girls bully me, because I'm different to them. All the girls are freakishly skinny, because they starve themselves.

I'm not fat, though. I'm not even that chubby. It's just that I wear clothes that are too big for me. I've given up on caring about how I look. I don't wear skinny jeans, low-cut shirts, or even skirts. I only own sweatpants, t-shirts, and hoodies. That's my everyday outfit and it will stay my everyday outfit for a long time.

What else should I say? ...Oh yeah, I turned 14, last week. My parents kind of forgot my birthday. I'm not mad at them or anything, though. They are both pretty busy. I mean, they're both doctors and they have 3 children. I'm the middle child. The most ignored, but it's okay. Anyway, I reminded them it was my birthday the day after and they felt awful. They promised me a little celebration, which hasn't happened yet... But, whatever, I don't mind.

So now that I'm done describing myself, I'll tell you about my day. I was beat up...again. I bought cover up at the pharmacy, after school. I figure I'll need it when my bruises start appearing. So today was mostly normal.

I sigh and then shut my diary and hide it under my bed.