In my mind I know you're never who I think you are

No matter how many shooting stars

And wishes I may make,

In my heart you're still known as

My biggest mistake

So what I'd like to know is this:

Why is it when someone says they love you

My fists clench and I remember all

The sweet, lovely, amazing things I suddenly miss






Sure, I'm enviously beautiful

Enviously Beautiful

Eviously Beautiful

Eviously Beautiful

Sure, I know it irks you when you think of me

I'm like fingers on a chalkboard.

And when I walk by, I don't even get a hello

I'm just ignored

I could really careless,

Until she say's your name

And I'm left speechless

Yeah I'm enviously beautiful

Eviously beautiful

Enviously beautiful

Enviously Beautiful

I know you hate my entire being

And with what happened between us

I can't help agreeing

...Enviously beautiful...

So when I say his name

Don't be ashamed

...Enviously beautiful...

I know, it's quite wonderful

To see you squirm

'Cause darling, you're so

Enviously beautiful

...Enviously Beautiful...

...Enviously Beautiful...

Together we're both so enviously beautiful