Black, dark, emptiness

Red, miserable, sadness

Colors painted as bright as the sky

Don't you see,

Even the prettiest of colors

Can't fly

When I think rainbow

I think the words "Let go,"

Let go of a world where

Pink, peppy, happiness


Purple, distinguised, gladness


Forget of a place

So far in the sky

A dream, a hope, and a wish set so high

That no one would would try.

Yeah 'cause in this world

Blue, infinite, curiosity


Yellow, joyous, genoristy

Are only a thought

A mere night's dream

In this place I live

Green, earnest, echos

Are just a small thing

Because this world

Is painted as dreary as the sky

And you better believe it that

Even the brightest of people

Can't fly

...So why even try.

Yeah black, dark, emptiness

Red, miserable, sadness

Pink, peppy, happiness

Purple, distinguised, gladness

Blue, infinite, curiosty,

Yellow, joyous, genorosity

And green, earnest, echos

In this world

They go where I go

But I still can't paint the sky

So why even try

Because even the best of the best

Can't even fly

Okay, so I know this is kind of...interesting, but what I mean to say here is that you may believe that the world has nothing to offer so why try to do anything with it? However, everyone owns their own paint brush and they hold the power to do what ever they want with it. I hope you decide to do differently as this girl described, and realize if you want to fly, FLY! Use your colors to paint the world.