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I've never had a real friend before.

I know that seems kind of weird for someone to say, but that's also an exaggerated thought.

I made friends with someone in pre-school. It didn't last long, after she used her 'kindness' to steal my stuffed piggy I brought for show and tell.

In Kindergarten, I thought I made friends with two girls. It was going great at first, getting to know each other, but we grew apart. Today, they look at me as if I'm invisible. I feel lonely when they stare at me.

Third grade I was an outcast. People made fun of me for being a loner, and not having friends around.

Fourth grade a girl had pity for me and we became friends… until I stopped talking to her because she got annoying. I mean really. When my mom had a meeting, and couldn't pick me up, and since I didn't take the bus home, she followed me outside the school. At first I thought she was headed my direction towards her house, but she was really following me. I tried running to lose her, but even THAT didn't seem to work. When I ran where she couldn't see me from a corner, I climbed up my maple tree, hidden by the orange golden leave encircling me. It worked, and I never spoke to her again, leaving me lonely once more.

Middle school, the bullying started to get worse. People getting up from the lunch table when I sit with them. And calling me names during class, and acting like angels during class. Of course.

And here I am. 10th grade Sarah Wintley. With no friends. I'm picked on again, my books pushed out of my arms, shoved into lockers, and called profanity names. My old friends laugh along with the bullies. It hurts me.

No one seems to understand my pain. Is that how it will be like through high school? Having people hate you for who you are?

No one ever understood my pain. And I had a feeling it would be like that for the rest of my life in school.

Or so I thought…