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About a week later, Sarah hadn't seen any sightings on the three trying to bring her spirit down. Maybe they felt bad about it... no, wait. If they were, they wouldn't be smirking like they did a week before.

But Sarah just simply ignored them, and concentrated on more important things, like her schoolwork, and replying to Amethyst. Mrs. Wintley was late at work for some conferences they had at her work. Sarah didn't mind at all, and simply it was the perfect time to talk to Amethyst, without her mother lecturing her.

From: Amethyst942

Hi there!

WOW! That's really good your bullies don't even pick on you that much! And don't worry about them! You can get through it, no matter what! Trust me, I'll believe in you that you can do it!

You seem like a really awesome person! Hey! Maybe we could even see each other live sometime, like maybe on Skype!

But that's just a possibility, and I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable ;) So when you're ready, we can do that.

Keep well!


Me-meeting Amethyst... for real!?

That almost made Sarah faint!

Sarah and Amethyst had been chatting for a good two months.

Sarah had to be careful on the internet. You could never real trust anyone, really, but yourself, and sometimes, it was hard to do that! And besides, she might have been a criminal she had talked to for the last two months!

...But Sarah trusted her already, and knew her mother would surely kill her, she wanted to chat with Amethyst sometime.

And, besides, she would be seeing her friend for the first time! How awesome would that be~? Even if it meant going live to someone she never knew. Ever.

However, she happily replied back.

To: Amethyst942
From: Shooting Star101

I would LOVE that!

WE can't do it tonight, of course, because my mom will be home soon, but how about in about... two weeks?

I hope you aren't some criminal or something :P That would break my heart 3'(

But yes, seriously, I would LOVE TO DO IT! Think of a time on the weekend, and reply back to me ;)


Sarah would be REALLY excited and happy to talk to Amethyst live. It was like a dream come true, to talk to someone who would give her full support over her bullying.

She logged off, waiting for a reply eagerly, and closed her eyes on her pillow, listening to her iPod.


Once the weekend passed where Amethyst and Sarah chatted, she was in a too happy spirit for Sarah to realize what was in store for what was about to happen to her.

She was thinking about what Amethyst and her agreed to talk live; on April 21st. Sarah happily thought about what would they talk about then, and everything. Sure, she knew the Internet rules: Don't talk to strangers, or exchange photos on the Internet with your parents permission, blah, blah, blah.

Who cared? Apparently, she didn't.

So, there sat Sarah, with a smile on her face, as she didn't want to pay attention to what her science teacher said. Suddenly, a principal, and a police officer entered the room. This got Sarah's attention, but she thought it was nothing serious, but, well, she was wrong.

Oh how so wrong.

The science teacher welcomed Mr. Bakerton inside, both shaking hands. However, Mr. Bakerton's warm gesture quickly subsided once they started whispering something. The science teacher's face went grim, as he cleared his throat a few times to let out the anger of seeing one of his students... be so ridiculous with what they had done.

"Sara-Sarah Wintley." The science teacher gestured. "Go-Go with the principal. He needs to discuss... something important with you."

She slowly got up, and looked around the room, at the silent class, wondering what they could possibly be talking about.

However, Cassia, Michelle, and Bailey knew. Sarah saw their stare when she looked around the room as she got up.

She knew it wasn't something good as she walked out with the principal.

According to plan. Cassia smirked, thinking to herself as she looked at her two other friends.

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