On a ship headed to the main land a young man watched the large three smoke stack ship cut through the water with ease. A man dressed as a noble of Victorian England approached the youngster "Well William my boy are you ready?"

William turned his head to glare at the man "I told you father I have no interest in going through with this arranged marriage, and the second I get the chance to run I'll take it."

The man sighed heavily "You will not do any such thing, and that's that you'll marry Miss Valdair doubling our wealth." William just rolled his eyes, as he returned his gaze to the waves looking at it as if he was a fixture for the ship, and there he stayed for the whole day. As night fell William moved from his position, and down to the ships' food store. He quickly looked around and grabbed an empty sack. He began to fill it full of vegetables, fruits even a tiny barrel of pickling juices. Once that bag was full he went out on deck sneaking over to a long boat. He looked around again checking to make sure no one was around, and he tossed the bag into the long boat along with several other bags about ten in total. William took out a pencil, and wrote the date on the new bag tucking it in with the others.

The youth looked at his stolen collection "Tonight is when I leave." He left the boat, and ran to the captain's cabin. As he arrived he slowly he opened the door peaking inside the cabin to make sure it was empty. The captain was gone so the boy walked in, and headed for the captain's desk on it was a compass, and several other mapping tools these were what William needed along with the telescope or the "Lens". He quickly collected these items and departed the cabin. He then went to the Armory door. Now many people didn't know that the captain never locked the door to the armory. This fact William had learned from the captain himself one night over dinner. Once at the door he opened it slowly, yet he had to hurry as the dinner break was almost over. He entered the armory, and immediately went and grabbed two pistols tucking them into his belt. Finally on his way out he passed by a glass case, inside was a gleaming cutlass. William smiled widely carefully opening the case he took the blade with sheath and strap.

With his new arsenal he headed back to the boat, and to his greatest horror the captain was standing next to the boat as if he was waiting "planning on going somewhere young sir?" William was frozen in fear, and couldn't respond. Minutes passed before the captain spoke again "you won't get far without this." He reached into his coat and withdrew a book "this is my journal of islands, currents, and pirate ships, even crews. It's now yours there are still some blank pages for you. Now get in, and I'll lower you down." The boy could do nothing, but nod and do as he was told. He climbed into the boat putting the tarp into the boat. As the captain readied the boat he handed Marcus a huge sack "Here this is some extra water, and other supplies. Ration your stores, and you will be just fine." With that the captain began lowering the long boat.

William was thrilled to be on his way to freedom "Thank you sir!"

The captain looked over the side waving goodbye to William "you're welcome young sea dog!" then he disappeared back over the side of the ship. Finally the boat hit the water and the rope fell into it the ends had been cut. William wasted no time, and immediately went to the engine and began to peddle. This caused the engine to come to life and spin the propellers on the back of the boat thus pushing the long boat forward and away from the ship.

All through the night William peddled trying to get as far away as possible. He continued until the sun started to rise, and he was finally alone all alone. He smiled and began to laugh hysterically "Free at last! Free at last!" and with that he passed out exhausted, and he slept peacefully under the cover of the boat's tarp to protect himself from the hot sun. Finally he woke and as he did he slowly sat up looking around. He was surrounded by water "well it's time to eat" he turned around to his stolen food stores taking the bag with the oldest date on it, and he took out an apple, a few carrots, and a nice big piece of salted pork. He ate his simple meal in peace and quiet so far this idea of his was well planned and worth it. He kept peddling all through the day sleeping by night when the sun wasn't threating to cook him to death. He would eat simple meals and continue peddling, stopping every now and again to look over maps, charts, spy for land, and so on. This became his daily routine in his attempt to escape the sea.

Well the days turned into weeks as he sat there floating, and peddling. For a whole month he was floating with no land in sight yet he did not discourage as he rationed his supplies well, and he had only used two bags of his stores. One day as he was peddling and a huge gust passed him, and in that gust he thought of a great idea. He would make a sail. He tied the boat cover, and tied the two oars together with a length of the rope. He then fastened the sail together stretching it out he used his cutlass to carefully cut a mast hole in the front part of his long boat. He lifted the mast up and slid it into the hole pounding it down to make sure it stayed. The sail took shape as the wind filled it, and it began to more the boat forward. William sat back enjoying the new freedom he had. The days dragged on, even still as another month at sea passed and finally William began to lose hope. For days of searching he had not a single sighting of land was anywhere to be seen or found. He saw ships a plenty yet none would come near him to rescue him, and each ship that passed him or flew overhead became a source of anger and disheartening sorrow. So on he sailed alone and now he was starting to run low on supplies.

After five months he was on his last legs for supplies this was largely in part to the lack of fish he could catch, and a small brush with heat stroke now that his protective tarp was employed as a sail, all of these factors led him to try signaling passing ships. This was to no avail, he wasn't going to being saved, and after a few days of not spying a single ship he was starting to panic. One cloudless full moon night he sat, and was staring out over the quiet calm ocean "Come on dear god give me something, anything to help me get to safety." He looked in the boat at the sacks which he knew were empty. He needed to be saved soon or he would die out there on the ocean alone and miserable. Sadly no savior came that night.

That day he spent fishing the efforts of peddling long since forgotten. He managed to catch two flounders yet not much else, but he did eat his catch, and then he returned to fishing until nightfall. Just as night was setting over the ocean William looked out on the horizon and to his shock and great joy he caught the sight of two ships. One was a great three mast and two wheeled ship. He knew it was a grand transporter. The other on the other hand was suspended in the air. He could see the six great wings flapping slowly, but he figured powerfully in order to keep the ship in the air. His heart soared with hope and joy at the sight of the two ships. Yet this feeling was not meant to last as it sank again when he heard the sound of gunshots, cannon fire, and the clash of swords. He sank in spirit, but he tore down his sail pulling it apart and storing the pieces away trying to hide his approach as he began to peddle towards the ships as fast, and hard as he could.

After about an hour he slowly and gently hit the side of one of the ships, yet no sooner had he hit the ship then someone fell overboard, and into the water. William followed the person and he saw it was a woman, she was swimming towards him. He leaned out holding his arm out for her "here take my hand." The woman took his hand allowing him to pull her up. He looked her over, seeing that she was dressed quite strangely for a woman "are you hurt?" He asked her concerned she shook her head not saying anything William turned his back to her to look up the side of the ship "Ok then. Just stay here a-" he was about to start climbing up the side of the ship when the woman picked up an oar and smashed him in the head causing him to fall forward unconscious onto the floor of the long boat.

The woman climbed back on board the deck of the ship "Captain Rose!" A woman in a standard black pirate hat and gear turned from the captive crew of the now captured ship "Yes miss Evalin?" Rose looked at her with her one green eye giving the woman her full attention.

Evalin pointed to the side of the ship "we've got someone down there. He might have been trying to escape!"

Rose turned to her left seeing out a specific woman she called out "Boson! Take some girls, and get our little runaway spy. Take him onto the ship I want to talk to him when he comes to."

A woman with scars covering most of her body where her brown pants, and her deep forest green vest didn't cover smiled an ugly yellow smile "Sure thing Captain." And with that she and a group of female pirates went and brought William and his boat up onto their airship.