What you really did

I remember those six years,
where you all left me out and called me names.
At first I laughed,
and played along with your games.

After a while it started to affect me,
And I no longer laughed along.
All I wanted was a friend,
Who would ask me "what's wrong?"

Your words became engraved so deep in my head,
That even in my nightmares I could hear what you said
It got to a point where I wish I was dead.
Yet you still laughed and told me to take meds.

I went along with what you said,
And started to plan out my death bed.
But then someone saw it,
everything I planned out,
from beginning to end.

and guess what?

They started to cry.
If it wasn't for them showing they cared,
I would have died
and where would you have been then?

The friends I have now stick by my side
And make sure I don't fall back into that pitiful slide.

so you see,
I'm better now,
So you can't hurt me.
Because now I fight back,
And know that I'm not insignificant.
just because I'm cracked.

I think you still don't know though,
That words do hurt.
Because I still hear everything you said
everything you would blurt.
it still echoes in my head.

I'm just a like broken mirror.
Because I was put back together.
with the cracks still showing through.

You had brought me to me lowest,
and it took me forever to come back.

But I finally did,
two years after you stopped.

Author's note: Sorry guys for such a long disappearance from the site. I had a lot going on.
The reason why I wanted to post this was because, in health class we had to write a poem about self esteem and bullying and I came up with a less revised version of this. And if you guys are worried, the bullying stopped around 3 years ago, so it's been a year since I've last been seriously depressed and I've been feeling a lot better now. And I no longer have any contact with the bully(ies) what so ever.
Sorry if it's the poem itself little depressing though ^^'